Haunted Melbourne

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Posted 2010-08-05 by Margaret Ambrosefollow
Melbourne is known for coming alive at night with the country’s hottest nightclubs and finest dining experiences. But what is less known is that one of the most exciting Melbourne evenings exists because Melbourne at night is also dead.

Ghost Tours bring visitors face to face with some of the most haunted places in Melbourne. The two-hour walking tour around Melbourne is conducted by Haunted Australian TV presenter Drew Sinton, who, dressed in a long black coat and hat, looks particularly spooky himself and starts at the Haunted Bookshop in the city’s centre.

First stop is the highly haunted Hotel Francis, where the poltergeist on the second floor and the numerous ghosts on the third might be enough to turn you to drink. Lonsdale Street, which was once the city’s red light district and is still a bit dodgy, is the next destination. Unexplained shadows move across the street and pockets of cold air will send shivers down the most skeptical of spines.

Onto the Queen Victoria Market, one of Melbourne’s premier tourist spots, which has a startling secret history. Beneath the fruit and vegetable stalls and knock-off Gucci handbags are the bodies of around 10,000 people. Apparently, the Queen Vic is built on the original Melbourne graveyard. When the council of the day decided to develop the site they thought it would just be easier to leave the bodies of the dead where they were – and they are none too happy about it…

After numerous stops at the sites of grisly murders, drunken rampages and altogether bad moments in Melbourne’s past, the tour concludes at the Mitre Tavern where, if you look long enough (or drink enough) you might just spot the ghost on the balcony.

The Ghost Tour is a fun night out and an excellent way to learn more about Melbourne’s dark history. Bookings are essential, click here.

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