Hastings Point

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Posted 2010-11-02 by Lil Uni Girlfollow

For Queenslanders, going past the border of New South Wales can sometimes be exciting since you feel like you're in a different state, yet so close to your own. is the perfect getaway for the weekend, either the whole weekend or just to spend the day.

You may feel as though you are on the tall lookout at Burleigh Heights, but it is much higher and so much more thrilling without the borders around the rocks, which allows you to sit on the edge and feel the cool breeze of the ocean.

Now that it is summertime, the beach is great for tanning, swimming, surfing, picnics or just walks along the beach with your dogs or friends.

Located just near Cabarita Beach, another famous getaway place for the summer, is close to many other small beaches and towns worth visiting this summer.

Sometimes humpback whales can be seen from the lookout during their annual migration between May and October every year where they make their journey from Antarctica to the Great Barrier Reef. The beach is also famous for fishing and boating, unless of course the waves get rough.

The drive from Brisbane to is also interesting as you go past many different small towns and villages, passing by wonderful green acres of land, grazing cows and horses whining in the farms. It is like being out in the outback and the beach combined in one, a great experience and the photos will come out beautiful from the scenery, and of course you if you're photogenic.

To see the lookout you'll have to make the effort yourself to find out, that part's a secret, but here is a video to show you a glimpse of the surrounding beach. Video.

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