Seafood at Harvest Restaurant

Seafood at Harvest Restaurant


Posted 2021-01-29 by Dee Mbuguafollow

My brother and I enjoyed the freshest seafood platter from Harvest Restaurant. Harvest Restaurant is part of the Trademark Hotel in Village Market, a 4.6 star luxury hotel located in the heart of Gigiri in Nairobi.

It's not the first time I've enjoyed the seafood platter at Harvest, and it's not the second. Why? Because their weakness is consistency. If you live in Nairobi, then you know that we often engage in self-imposed struggles like horrific traffic and a lack of good seafood restaurants. Whilst Harvest is not a seafood restaurant per se – in fact, they describe themselves as an 'open grill Brasserie', given the love affair Kenyans have with meat – it is the one restaurant I have visited so far where the food is not only ridiculously fresh, the customer service is equally unparalleled.

I am almost ashamed to confess that I usually set out to go there and try other items on their menu - and I have - but the seafood platter is king. My new strategy is to visit the Restaurant with many people and muster all my negotiation skills to persuade friends and family to order all other items on the menu that I am interested in sampling, so that my inner judgmental voice can hush when I, once again, order the Fritto Misto.

Fritto Misto is a dish of various foods, typically seafood, deep-fried in batter. Are you drooling yet? I specifically deeply appreciate the fact that the batter, obviously mixed in perfect proportions, does not leave an unpleasant after taste as can be the case with deep-fried battered foods.

On the menu, the Fritto Misto is listed under the 'Starters from the sea' section, but as you can probably tell from the image, everything starts and stops with the Fritto Misto. The portion is quite large – my brother and I shared it and any thoughts I had of ordering chips on the side quickly vanished.

Other than the Fritto Misto, I have tried other items on their menu, and I'm also particularly fond of their cornflake fried chicken. This is served with paprika-flavoured thin fries and when I tell you their fries will put any other potato you have ever tasted to shame?

My #newyearnewme challenge to myself is to try everything on their menu in due course and in all the moderation I can muster. I can't have Harvest negating my New Year's resolutions to achieve my ideal weight, despite the fact that these resolutions have been the same for the past decade.

I mean, they have 'melted broccoli' on their menu. If that's not a clear sign from above to find a way to consume everything produced in their kitchen, then what is? I have also had their vegetable sides like the sautéed vegetables, broccoli and French beans, and for someone like me who prefers to drink her veggies (in soup) than eat them, Harvest has achieved what my mum hoped she would many years ago – getting me to consume vegetables sans threats.

Never mind that you can't pronounce half the menu – that is not the struggle we are choosing today. The struggle we must attach ourselves to is the epicurean one – we must come together to find ways to remember to take pictures for the gram before stuffing our faces. If someone had sent me this polite reminder sooner, this review would have come to you literally almost a year ago. How else shall I embrace the foodie influencer lifestyle which has so clearly chosen me?

Each time I have visited Harvest, the customer service has been exceptional and I would be remiss if I didn't mention our host Reagan Mabya, who always makes sure those of us not of the Italian persuasion understand words like provolone and orecchiette.

The one thing you won't find on their menu? Complacency.

Please note, however, the prices listed on their online menu have not yet been updated to reflect 2021 prices.

Give Harvest a try, you will not regret it!

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