Harry The Potter Pot Shop

Harry The Potter Pot Shop


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So you love to garden or adorn your home and are always in the market for new and exciting things for your garden, your patio, your balcony or even for inside your home. You go out looking but can't seem to find just the right thing. You will know it when you see it, yet you have been looking for a while. Maybe you just need to find a new place to go, and I have got just the place for you.

Harry the Potter in Williwong is your one stop shop.

When you step into their yard you are immediately overwhelmed. The statuary alone at the beginning of this place takes a while to look at. So take your time, browse slowly and make sure you see all that there is to see.

Are you looking for a kookaburra, a cockatoo, lions, monkeys, kangaroos? How about a pelican, an angel, dogs, giraffes, komodo dragons even? Maybe you are in the market for a cow, a wombat, or a frog or two that will fit in those out of the way spaces.

There are statues of dancers, buddhas, warriors and an array of other figures. These all come in various sizes so if you have a space to fill you can find the right item.

Keep walking as there is a lot of space to roam here. Once you pass the pagoda you notice the pots, where you think you have hit the jackpot. Not only are they priced well but there is no rival to the amount of shapes, sizes, colors and textures you will find.

There are blue glazed pots that are to die for, glazed green or pink tulip shaped pots that are unique and truly gorgeous. There are urns, bowls, flat sided ones, upright ones, curved ones, brown, red, and pink ones.

There are black ones, glazed and not, with shapes, swirls, etchings and some that are just nice and shiny. Some are lighter, some are heavier, and some are made from resin and only look heavy.

There are pots turned into fountains that have the nicest sounds. There are statues for your front door, or the entrance to your property, variety in size is abundant here.

There are wall plaques in a rainbow of color and size as well. There are wall pots, there are planters to plant herbs or keep unruly plants contained from taking over your garden.

There are strawberry pots and low bowls for growing herbs. There are enormous pots and urns for growing trees.

Maybe you are in need of a mermaid or a wagon. How about a sleepy man or a gargoyle to keep watch for you? Bird baths, obelisks, and even mailboxes can adorn your property.

Come and check them out. They are open 7 days a week from 9:00am to 5:00pm and are easy to find in Willawong just down the road from The Plant Factory Outlet .

Be careful when going to park as the new and improved road along here didn't do these guys any favors, but once you are there you will be absolutely impressed.

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