Hans: Like a German - Review

Hans: Like a German - Review


Posted 2019-03-02 by Temafollow

Tue 26 Feb 2019 - Sun 17 Mar 2019

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Date attended: 28/02/2019

Who needs drugs when you can just spend a quality hour in the company of our beloved, accordion-playing Hans. Honestly, I wish I could simply say "it's the best lip-smacking, hand-clapping, and feet-tapping hour of your life that you'll wish would keep on going" and leave it at that, but, just in case you need more reasons to go and watch this show, keep reading on.

Dressed in a gorgeous emerald sequin dress and adorned in glitter from head to toe, Matt Gilbertson aka Hans kicked off the show riding a Lime scooter, as he provided with an excellent rendition of Sound of Music and made the audiences go mad with excitement. From then on, Hans keeps being the extra(vagant) superstar that has earned him a huge fan base for all the right reasons.

Treating the audience to an impressive medley of well-loved songs, whose tunes are played by his band The Ungrateful Bastards and using his trusted accordion, Hans left me buzzing with a high like I've never experienced before. He had a fierce tenacity that brought the heat to the stage with his killer vocals, quick laps around the round stage, and effortless skills around engaging audience members from every corner of the room. He is dramatic with every single segment in his show and the audience were absolutely living for it!

Hans was able to create an atmosphere at his show, where audiences were fully embraced by his flawless look, his skills around spontaneous banter, his powerful voice, and his general sassy aura that made the Octagon seem like fire with what was a memorable performance by one of my favourite Adelaide Fringe ambassadors! Glistening with a glam look and delivering on his sharp-edged wit, Hans introduced an ongoing trend of being a bold, unadulterated version of what we all (secretly or not) aspire to be. His ability to think on the spot and pluck audiences out from the sea of spectators was exquisite and refined enough to be able to provide a touch of improv humour as well.

We were also able to see a snippet of Hans' experience with America's Got Talent, where he leaves no stone unturned, as he dishes on the good, the bad, and the downright ugly components of his time in the Americas in true Hans fashion. Dispelling the haters through catchy tunes, naughty dances, and the signature Hans charm that playfully poked fun at those who didn't see eye-to-eye with him, Hans emanated a sense of pride, as he demonstrated (and proved) himself to be the ultimate Prince of cabaret.

No matter where you are in the audience, Hans will probably pluck you out because he knows how to work his room, baby! Be it for your looks, your fashion choice, or simply because he can. Who knows, if he catches you on your good side, you might even get to be a part of his routine! Fair warning though - you may be asked (read: instructed) to wear some hot pants and cake on the bling, but rest be assured, you're going to feel spankin' fabulous doing so!

Hans: Like A German is a show that will bring the best of Hans' charismatic personality, ever-so-energetic vibe, his mischievous side that adds to his shtick seamlessly, and a dazzling persona that will inspire you to step so far out of your comfort zone that you will be so glad to be pushed to your limits by a colourful explosion of a human being that might as well be a bag of confetti constantly going off and bringing never-ending smiles on your face! So, to all the hunnies and darlings of Adelaide and beyond, it's time to leave all your worries at the door and head over to the Octagon tent in Gluttony to be left mesmerised and astounded by this unreal human being. Hans down, this is the best show I've seen all week and I'm super tempted to keep sneaking back into the tent every day for the rest of the Fringe season to get my daily #accordionhans fix!

Pro tip: Dress up like the ultimate diva that you are, to potentially be picked on by Hans (trust me, it will make your night)!

Hans: Like A German will be performing at Gluttony till March 17, as part of Adelaide Fringe. His shows are selling out quick, so make sure you book your tix early to avoid disappointment!

*Tema was invited as a guest.

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