Hanamura Norwood

Hanamura Norwood


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Hanamura, when it opened in early 2020, was set to be the newest sushi restaurant and train in town. While circumstances have halted the train, the restaurant hasn't faltered and is delivering skilfully prepared Japanese dishes inside the Parade Central complex in Norwood.

The wisteria draped from the ceiling evokes the charm of the restaurant's name - Hanamura translated to English is 'flower village'. The chic casual decor amplifies the spacious feel of the dining room and open kitchen. Seating is available either at tables, large and luxurious booths, or at the bar (hopefully the train, again, one day soon).

We've visited a couple of times recently because of the quality and freshness of the food. It's a place that invites more than one visit because of the extensive food menu and drinks list. You'll want to try as many of each as you can.

The menu begins with starters like spring rolls, edamame, and miso soup, then heads into small plate and entree territory with favourites like karaage chicken, beef tataki, and even a delightfully sweet and tangy yuzu duck dish. On our visits, we tried the karaage, yuzu duck, and beef tataki. All are among the best we have tasted in Adelaide.

The range of sushi is impressive. A wide range of sushi rolls, nigiri (aburi and raw), and sashimi offers something for all tastes, with some excellent combinations available. Don't think because there is no train that ordering sushi a la carte will take too long. Fresh sushi is on your table within minutes after ordering.

The next part of the menu features a range of grilled skewers, rice bowls, salads, and soups. After dealing with so much to choose from, we eventually chose a 'tasting for two' platter with a karaage rice bowl to go with it. This is a value packed way to try a bit of everything with salmon, breaded pork, and chicken skewers, aburi salmon, and prawn nigiri, sushi rolls, and edamame. The rice bowl is packed with your choice of protein, tangy sesame dressed salad, rice, and comes with a small bowl of delicious miso soup - it's a meal for one in itself.

If, after all of the above, you can fit dessert (and I think you will when you see them), you may be assured that all of the dessert dishes are as impressive looking as they are to eat. The tempura ice cream is a different take on the traditional fried ice cream dish, while the 'Sunkissed' and 'Eden Apple' are expertly constructed and presented morsels of deliciousness. You know those desserts where you dig in carefully to enjoy uncovering more amazing ingredients bite by bite? These are those desserts.

The drinks list features cocktails, mocktails, Japanese sake, beers, and whiskies alongside Australian beers and wines with all of your typical soft drinks, juices, teas, and coffees. There's something for everyone here no matter if you'd like something simple or something classy and complicated.

Children are welcome but there's no need for a kid's menu- I've never met a kid who doesn't like cooked tuna sushi rolls for dinner and ice cream for dessert.

Hanamura isn't visible from The Parade but does have a view across George Street to the Town Hall. You'll need to head into the centre to find it opposite the Hoyts box office. There's plenty of parking under the centre which is free when dining at any one the restaurants above.

Hanamura has earned my admiration for sticking it out in tough times and doing it in style. Delve a little deeper into the Norwood food scene and do yourself a favour by trying Hanamura next time you're in the area. Find out more and book here.

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