Half Moon Bay

Half Moon Bay


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is a beautiful beach located in Black Rock, around 22kms south east of Mebourne's CBD. With many attractions to draw beach-goers to the spot, those yet to visit would do well to plan a trip here soon. Here's why.

For starters, there is the iconic shipwreck of the HMVS Cerberus. A naval ship that predates Australian Federation in 1901, this ship is both living history and testament to Australia's maritime tradition. Since its decommissioning shortly after World War One served as a breakwater since decommissioning, it represents a stunning sight when viewed from from the sand looking out to sea.

What's more, alongside the Cerebus there is the cliffs of Red Bluff. From the beach's beginning at the carpark to Red Bluff can be traced the crescent shape of the bay's coastline to which the name is owed.

When it comes to the water itself, is a great spot both for experienced swimmers and for the more unsure among us. While true its worthwhile keeping an eye out for kayak's and Co that may be also launching out into the water or returning from an adventure beyond the Bay, swimming conditions are otherwise altogether calm with small waves, medium depth and no currents being regular conditions across the seas at Half Moon.

Alongside the chance to swim and sit in the sun the Bay is also regularly used by an array of marines and boating for kayaking, sailing and more. All this combines to make an outstanding representation of iconic 'Australiana' on a sunny day in the warmer months of Melbourne's seasons.

This is especially so because of the presence of the kiosk offering chance to to get a sugar-hit after having swam your heart out for an hour in the afternoon light.

In sum, alongside other great seasides stops like Sandringham and South Road Beach with their own virtues and great features, offers something unique of its own.
This is a beach that'd warrant a visit even if you had zero desire to take in the sun, have a swim or stop for a treat at the kiosk on a weekend afternoon. Yet, doing one or all of these things would surely make the day out more fun allover.

Accordingly, visiting with a view to taking it all in very much advised at this A1 Melbourne spot.

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