Haigh Park

Haigh Park


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is a modest but pleasantly quiet park situated 15 minutes walk from Liverpool train station. A little secluded, the charm of this sport is the slight feeling of escape it gives you - despite its easy accessibility - as well as the calming presence of the nearby Georges River.

As you turn into the park, you will see that there are a number of parking spaces available just as you enter, but there are more further into the park as well.

Basic children's playground equipment with lots of grassy surrounding areas directly on and to the left make this a good spot to bring the kids for a play - mostly because it doesn't tend to be as crowded as better-known parks.

The play equipment is a little way from the covered picnic and barbecue area, but still close enough to keep an eye on the kids from there - and still be able to sit and chat with the adults at the same time. The toilets are just near here too.

Since is not as well-known or centrally located as other similar parks, this could be a good place to have a laid back barbecue with a larger group as there is little chance of it being too crowded.

Because of the wide grassy spaces at the perimeter of the park and its relative seclusion behind an industrial area, this spot is also good for practising skills that you might feel self-conscious doing in a more public park.

Whether you need to brush up on your cartwheels or like to do yoga outdoors, might provide a solution.

The other great thing about is that it is only a short walk to the water, as it sits on the banks of a wide section of the Georges River. It is difficult to see the river from the centre of the park, but if you take a wander it becomes visible through the trees.

There is seating beside the shady walkway that takes you to the river, providing a spot for rest and contemplation.

Bring a sketch pad or your camera and take time to explore your hobby beside the water.

A little further on there is a bridge and to your left, you will see the Georges River opened out before you, and to your right, the serene Lake Moore which has a small island at its centre.

Return to the park, or keep walking and you will find yourself on a pathway that takes you beside the Georges River - all the way up to Chipping Norton Lakes, if you should choose.

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