Hachik&333: The Loyal Dog - Spare Parts Puppet Theatre

Hachik&333: The Loyal Dog - Spare Parts Puppet Theatre


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Sat 02 Jul 2022 - Sun 02 Jul 2023

Hachik& #333 ;: The Loyal Dog - Spare Parts Puppet Theatre

Hachiko; The Loyal Dog is the latest production coming to stage at the Spare Parts Puppet Theatre in Fremantle, from 2-16 of July with various show times to suit the whole family. This season at Fremantle is part of a larger run, mostly out to regional areas for this production.
This production is based on the true story of Hachiko a Japanese Akita dog, born in 1923. Hachiko became famous for his loyalty and fidelity in Japan. Hachiko was owned by Hidesabur& #333 ; Ueno, a professor at the Tokyo Imperial University and he would travel to the train station with his owner every morning, and return every afternoon at the exact time to meet the train for the trip home.

In 1925, the professor died whilst at work, but for the next ten years until his death in 1935, Hachiko would return to the train station every afternoon, waiting for his owner to come home. In 1934 a bronze statue was built outside that station as a monument to Hachiko and his loyalty, and there is now an annual celebration around his legacy.

This was the first time I have seen a show at Spare Parts Puppet theatre and it did not disappoint. Although a sad storyline, the production was mostly uplifting and funny. The two performers, Kylie Bywaters and Sean Gustavino, were very convincing with their various character portrayals. Both performers had the audience laughing at various times without a single word being said - a sign of good acting on both their parts. My companion for the evening was equally enthralled by the performance - and a great lover of the puppets.

Utilising Japanese-inspired paper craft puppetry, the production brings Hachiko and Professor Ueno to vivid life with tenderness and humour. The inseparable pair is joined by a host of other characters including the hopeless dog-catcher and the nosy neighbour. The season will also see the Spare Parts theatre foyer transformed into an interactive Cardboard City with a maze and a cubby house for children to explore their imagination and build their own community before and after the show.[BREAK]

Hachiko is a family-friendly show, at only 50min in length, kids of all ages will be able to enjoy the performance. Show times are 10am, 1pm and 6.30pm - if you want to watch I'd recommend booking early to avoid missing out over the school holidays. Tickets can be booked via www.sppt.asn.au or by calling 9335 5004.

Photos provided by Spare Parts Puppet Theatre.

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