Guru Dudu's Silent Disco Walking Tour of Adelaide

Guru Dudu's Silent Disco Walking Tour of Adelaide


Posted 2014-03-13 by Eleanorafollow

This silent disco walking tour is a hilarious and wonderful way to see a bit of Adelaide and to see the people of Adelaide at their warm hearted and joyful best.

We went on Wednesday 5th March as part of the Adelaide Fringe which was the first day of the tours. We waited by the Rundle Mall Balls as instructed and stole furtive glances at the other guilty looking individuals who were also here for an evening of humiliation, dancing around Adelaide to music that only we could hear.

The Guru arrived in a flight attendant's hat, aviator sunglasses and eensy weensy turquoise shorts to take us on our tour. As it was the first day, there was a small technical hitch with the headphones initially which meant we were delayed by half an hour. My husband wanted to use the opportunity to run away as fast as humanly possible but instead we went for a drink and came back half an hour later. This seemed a good investment of time.

When we returned all the others in the group had been doing happy yoga so were well limbered up for the tour.

We were all given headsets and Guru Dudu controls the music and speaks to us through the headsets. We began by following the Guru's moves in the area by the Rundle Mall Balls. As soon as we started a group of people gathered around to watch and we encouraged them to join in, so we picked up a few extras, including a businessman on his way home from work. We then danced down Rundle Mall. Guru Dudu then instructed us to dance around one particular man coming towards us in his wheelchair who joined in and danced with us. No-one was immune from the charm of Guru Dudu. We made our way down Rundle Mall dance-washing the city to the tune of "Car Wash" and did a lot of improvised dancing, "becoming the chair" and so on. We looked marvellous.

We ended our tour in the Garden of Unearthly Delights and the finale was everyone singing Bohemian Rhapsody to two poor chaps who caught the Dudu's eye. Guru Dudu assured us that the headsets had properties that meant that when you sang with them on, your voice sounded exactly like the singer in the song. It was great. We sounded amazing.

The Silent Disco Tour is fabulous and I would recommend it to anyone. It cannot help but make you happy and even my reluctant husband was beaming from ear to ear within about two minutes. The best part about it is to see the reactions from onlookers as they realise what you are doing and burst into smile. So many people join in and dance and it is a real feel good event. It shows the heart of the people of Adelaide as positive, generous and happy and it is a brilliant feeling to know you are in such a great city. You feel on top of the world by the end.

The walking tours continue this week on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday at various times and Guru Dudu also does private functions .

Tickets were $25 each and are available here .

My top tips are to wear comfy shoes and leave your handbag at home!

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