Guinness Storehouse

Guinness Storehouse


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Dublin Ireland is renowned for a great deal, one that stands out is of course the luscious liquid black gold that is the famous Guinness beer.

Dublin is the home of this Irish icon, which was created and is still housed in the Guinness Storehouse located in Dublin 8. This landmark location sees visitors from all over the world learn about the history of this iconic beverage, over several floors within the storehouse, finishing off with a mini-masterclass to teach you exactly how to pour the perfect pint and epic views of the city.

Located in St James's Gate Brewery, The Guinness Storehouse has kept its authenticity with paved cobbled streets and collection of horses and carts for patrons to venture back into the main city. This opening scene definitely gave my friends and I a brilliant sense nostalgia.

For those who don't know, Guinness the brew was first invented by Arthur Guinness. Arthur was an Irish brewer and the founder of the Guinness brewery business and family. He was also an entrepreneur, visionary and philanthropist.

In 1759, in the southwest of Dublin city, he found an old dilapidated brewery, named St. James's Gate Brewery, which he agreed to lease for a mere £45 a year for a signed lease (which you can see in the brewery to this day) for 9000 years. This is where, till this day, the brewery still stands and is a major tourist attraction which has undoubtedly put Ireland on the map.

Once my friends and I had passed the cobblestone streets and headed into the entry level. We knew we had seven floors to venture through and we did not hesitate to make the most of our experience.

The first floor is basically where you will find a step by step guide that explains the brewing process of Ireland's most famous beer. Here some lucky visitors have been able to start the brewing process via a computer that is linked to the brewhouse. Unfortunately we were not one of the lucky few.

As we worked our way to the second floor, you can't help by feel you are in a futuristic building with an interior that combines vintage and modern design to create a cosmopolitan aesthetically pleasing venue.

The second floor is home to the unique advertising campaigns of Guinness throughout history. As a marketing enthusiast by study and work, this was a fantastic display that I thoroughly enjoyed containing branded memorabilia and the stories of the popular icons that were on the advertisement during the late 1800s. This ranged from the Toucan to the Guinness Surfers. This level also plays a selection of vintage Guinness TV ads on old school television sets scattered around the level. Here you can also get your photo taken so as you are part of the advertisement.

As you move on one of the levels that you must partake in is of course the level that teaches you how to pour the perfect pint of Guinness. My friends and I succeeded in this quest by completing the task and being certified with a take home certificate that our parents would be proud of.

The final state of the Guinness journey is the impressive Gravity Bar located on the seventh floor of the venue. Here is where you have basically reached the top of the pint (I forgot to mention that the Guinness Storehouse has a centre atrium which is basically a pint glass).

Level seven, the final level, Is where we received our complimentary pint of Guinness beer. Unfortunately I did my best to down half whilst looking at the epic panoramic views across Dublin city. Do your self a favour and check out this must-see location, it truly is a spectacular place to visit.

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