Guildford Medieval Fayre

Guildford Medieval Fayre


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Sun 19 May 2024

Get Ye Olde!

It's like you've travelled back in time! The Medieval Fayre is back and you can discover the beautiful Fayre that captures the hearts and minds of hundreds of people every year. With Medieval Combat, games, food and more on offer, you will have a fantastic day full of incredible fun for the whole family. So head to the for some historical fun and also help raise money for Greyhounds!

Of course, you have to dress up as though you are in the Medieval period because you can't just show up in jeans. They didn't exist back in Ye Olde times! Check out the Medieval Comat to see the realistic use of medieval weaponry. No one is going to get hurt, although feelings might be hurt if the re-enactments get a bit heated! There will be lots of other entertainment and activities on offer for people of all ages.

There will be incredible artisan, gourmet foods, to enjoy on the day or to take home and reminisce on another day about the good old days. And if you want more than just food, there will be lots of medieval-inspired merchants who will be able to sell you replica items that you can finish your costume off with or hang up in your home.

For the kids, there will be really cool Children's Activities on offer. With Foam Sword Fighting for the kids to get involved in. There is some Interactive Dancing to get involved with, but people of all ages can do that.

And if you want more, there will be Wandering Minstrels, including The Jarrah Celts, Harmony Sparrows, Julian Nichols and Jonathan de Hadleigh. Make sure to join in and have a dance in the street.

As this is an event to help the Greyhounds, your dogs are welcome! Bring them along and keep them on their leash, even if that isn't historically accurate. Head to the Greyhound Adoptions Stall, you will see some foster dogs and maybe even decide to foster or adopt one!

All of the activities are free on the day. So head to the Stirling Square in Guildford on Sunday, May 19th between 10am and 3pm to meet the dogs and go back to the good Olde days!

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