Grey Cells Green

Grey Cells Green


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It's only fitting that in Windsor sought inspiration from the Ned's Atomic Dustbin song by a similar name, Grey Cell Green. "It's Mother Earth, some sign of birth" is lyrical poetry and appropriate for what's served at this bar and cafe.

is vegan through and through, from the drinks and snacks to more substantial meals, cocktails, mocktails, smoothies, coffee and shakes. Even the glues that adhere labels to beer, wine and spirit bottles are all plant-based. What Mother Earth can provide features here; plants in all their cellular glory.

is cosy and warm, in Melburnian-black influenced furnishings that welcome guests and make them feel like they're at home. It's recommended to grab a table by the window on sunnier days (even a lazy Sunday), then retreat more within 's interior during the cooler months. If you're visiting at night, the warming hues of chandeliers hanging above the bar are dimmed so you can sip a late nightcap with sleepy ease. Upstairs is an intimate section that's available for hosting private functions. also hosts fundraiser events upstairs for many of Melbourne's animal non-profits organisations.

For a long Sunday lunch, choose some of 's classic menu choices. A slab of house-made lasagne is made of silky layers of passata, walnut and kidney bean Bolognese sauce and topped by a crispy, vegan cheese b├ęchamel sauce. Order the lasagne with a small special selection of sides like a leafy Greek salad with almond feta, or potato salad that's distinctly tasty; cubes of soft potato coated in in a mustard mayonnaise with a scattering of spring onions. For a chunkier meal, order a bowl of chunky chips to share, seasoned with sea salt and served with a vessel of aioli. All options are all vegan, through and through.

Service at is homely, comforting and welcoming. Front of house is managed by co-owner Maria, while her partner in life and business, Bruce, manages the kitchen. Their favourite music dissipates throughout the bar, indie tracks from artists past like Gary Numan, The Smiths and Martha and the Muffins. is just as individual, further emphasised by the posters and frames adorning the walls. It's this individualism that's at the heart of ; what sets the business apart from other bars around town. You just have to order a lavender lemonade mocktail to notice this; a drink that channels Maria's love of lavender. You can take it one step further by buying a t-shirt with the slogan 'Totes Vegan'.

This is what makes so authentic, honest and fresh. Good genuine people, good honest vegan food and good conscious intentions to support an ever-growing Melbourne vegan community. These are qualities that underpin Grey Cell's Green presence in this city, further accentuated by a good latte and a sweet slice from the cake cabinet to round out a lazy lunch perfectly. Totes vegan, indeed.

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