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Green Leaf Cafe


Posted 2012-09-19 by Melissa Owensfollow
Having been recently diagnosed with gluten intolerance, finding cafes that serve good gluten free food has become a personal quest of mine.

Planet Matterz cafe at Morningside was always a personal favourite, even prior to the devastating gluten intolerance news. It had everything – easy parking, great food, a welcoming environment, pleasant staff, and reasonable prices. In its place has emerged the Green Leaf cafe. After a frustrating few weeks waiting for the cafe to reopen, my anticipation grew. Given the excellent atmosphere, food, and service I had come to expect from Planet Matterz, I had high hopes for Green Leaf.

Unfortunately, my expectations were not met. I had brunch at Green Leaf shortly after it opened, and it was clearly still getting settled in. Upon walking in, the first thing that I noticed was that the decor was entirely unimpressive. Gone were the cushions and curtains I had grown so fond of at Planet Matterz. Instead there was an odd collection of couches and normal chairs. Some couches were adorned with cushions and looked incredibly comfortable (these were all occupied), while others were covered with sheets or had small holes in them. I certainly hope they intend to remove all of the old couches and replace them with the comfortable sofa type ones, however I would have assumed that they got this sorted before their opening day.

After a mediocre first impression, we went to the counter to order and pay. The menu was Planet Matterz-esque with delicious breakfast options, salad choices, baked goods, and delicious coffees. However, when we went to pay, the cashier told us rather unapologetically that they did not have EFTPOS facilities yet. We had to walk several hundred metres up the road to a convenience store to use their ATM.

The first trace of the Planet Matterz I knew and loved appeared when our food arrived. I ordered a chicken polenta stack, and my boyfriend ordered the big breakfast. Both servings were generous, but more importantly both were delicious.

After finishing our meal, we walked through the supermarket section of the store, which was still in the midst of being set up. With majority of the stock still being in boxes and not on display, there was little to choose from. We left well fed, but a little surprised at how unorganised the opening was.

Overall, the cafe certainly has potential. I will revisit it in a few weeks, and I certainly hope that I have a more pleasant experience this time around.

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