Five Great YouTube Channels

Five Great YouTube Channels


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1. How To Cook That

Creator: Ann Reardon
Launched: 16 April 2011
Headquarters: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Followers: 4.1M subscribers
Follow Them On: YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr

How to Cook That is a website and YouTube channel run by Ann Reardon out of Melbourne Australia that posts online tutorials on how to create, bake and decorate themed cakes, desserts, chocolates and other sweets. How to Cook That began as a website in 2011 and now has over 4.1 million subscribers on YouTube. Reardon runs a really interesting channel. I stumbled across her channel because she posted some videos exposing several fake cooking videos that were circulating online. Reardon proved they were fake by trying to re-create the recipes and demonstrating how the recipes could never work and were sometimes even dangerous. She also posted a video where she attempted a Nailed It challenge herself to see if they were impossible. She also tackles 200-year-old baking recipes and posts "mini" videos where she cooks food with miniature appliances in a tiny doll house. Ann Reardon's channel has loads of entertaining content and her voice is very soothing making it a good child-friendly channel.

2. Ask A Mortician

Creator: Caitlin Doughty
Launched: 1 October 2011
Headquarters: Los Angeles, California
Followers: 1.01M subscribers
Follow Them On: YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

Caitlin Doughty is a YouTube personality, mortician, bestselling author, blogger, funeral home director and public speaker from Los Angeles, California, who runs the YouTube channel Ask a Mortician. Doughty is an advocate for death acceptance and encourages questions and conversation about death and other taboo topics. She started her YouTube channel Ask a Mortician in 2011 and now has over 1.01 million subscribers. Doughty regularly posts videos that explain a range of morbid death topics, ranging from decomposition, necrophilia, the cost of funerals, true crime, iconic corpses, organ donation, historical events like the Titanic, and more. Doughty has gained popularity for using humour, honesty and positivity in her videos and never being afraid to answer any question about death no matter how macabre.

3. LegalEagle

Creator: Devin Stone
Launched: 2 February 2017
Headquarters: Washington DC, United States
Followers: 874 thousand subscribers
Follow Them On: YouTube, Twitter, Facebook
Website: [LINK=]

Devin Stone is an American trial lawyer, public speaker and YouTube personality who runs the YouTube channel LegalEagle. He launched LegalEagle on 2 February 2017 and as of March 2020 has 874 thousand subscribers. Stone uses his channel to explain the law, answer questions about the legal system, gives an inside view on how it works and encourages his viewers to have fun and learn to think like a lawyer. He loves watching movies and TV shows and regularly posts reaction videos where he will grade TV shows and movies for legal accuracy or will list all of the laws that they would have broken in real life. He also posts videos where he reacts to various law scenarios happening in real life and on the internet. LegalEagle is a really interesting and entertaining channel that will make you start thinking like a lawyer.

4. Lindsay Ellis

Creator: Lindsay Ellis
Launched: 10 October 2013
Headquarters: Tennessee, United States
Followers: 892 thousand subscribers
Follow Them On: YouTube, Twitter, Facebook

Lindsay Ellis is an American YouTube personality, film critic, cinematographer, and author. Ellis launched her YouTube channel on 10 October 2013 and as of March 2020 has gained over 892 thousand subscribers. Ellis is popular for her long-form video essays, which tackle a variety of pop culture topics, with a strong focus on literature and film. Froom 2008 to 2014, Ellis was part of the Channel Awesome production company on YouTube, where she was known as The Nostalgia Chick and worked alongside the Nostalgia Critic. In 2014 she broke away from Channel Awesome to focus on her own channel full time, where she would be free to produce longer video essays. Ellis received a BA in Film Studies from New York University in 2007 and a MFA from USC School of Cinematic Arts in 2011. One of her most notable film review series on YouTube is her report on the Hobbit Trilogy and the effect that it had on the New Zealand Film Industry.

5. Chris Stuckman **

Creator: Chris Stuckman
Launched: 6 January 2011
Headquarters: Ohio, United States
Followers: 1.75 million subscribers
Follow Them On: YouTube, Facebook, Twitter

Chris Stuckman is an American YouTube personality, film critic, filmmaker, author, member of the Broadcast Film Critics Association and a certified critic on the website Rotten Tomatoes. Stuckman developed an interest in film review at a young age after being inspired by the film critic Roger Ebert. He started his YouTube channel on 6 January 2011 and as of March 2020 has over 1.75 million subscribers. He has gained a loyal audience for his passionate, well-written, humorous and in-depth reviews of movies, TV shows, video games, anime and more.

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