Great Brisbane Dog Walks: Mt Gravatt Lookout

Great Brisbane Dog Walks: Mt Gravatt Lookout


Posted 2015-01-29 by Flynn Steelefollow
Dogs are the best exercise buddies. They're highly motivated, set a cracking pace and are ever eager to please. Unlike most of us. Which is why I'm always keen to explore new walking trails with my best mate.

Our latest discovery is the intertwining bush trails leading to the very scenic Mt Gravatt Lookout in Mt Gravatt Outlook Reserve. The Reserve is a part of Toohey Forest which comprises 260 hectares and is about 10km as the crow flies from the Brisbane CBD.

While hiking up to Mt Gravatt Lookout isn't exactly like reaching the peak of the Himalayas, it is a pretty strenuous workout for you and your dog. You can take a number of trail options, but don't stress about getting lost. If you're going up, you're headed to the Lookout. Going down, just follow the ample signage to where you started your journey.

I like to start from Logan Rd near the community hall but you can easily drive to car parks on Mt Gravatt Lookout Drive or Gertrude Petty Place. However you do it, expect to work up a decent sweat and clock up a few thousand steps on your Fitbit.

The tracks through typical Aussie bush land are well maintained and provide an excellent cover of shade. Some sections are steeper than others but altitude sickness isn't really a risk. At a moderate pace, allow for only a 30-40 minute return journey. Not exactly a marathon but excellent for a quick workout and to give your dog its daily exercise fix.

When you do reach the top, soak up sweeping views of the Brisbane CBD and surrounding areas. Your quads will be burning so take a few minutes to relax and enjoy. Watch out for cars and lycra-clad cyclists who might ruin your view - the Lookout can be pretty busy of an afternoon.

Be careful of loose rocks on the way back down. Can be slippery and result in both embarrassment and a mighty sore rear end. Experience tells me so.

Remember Brisbane City Council requires your dog to remain on leash in Toohey Forest and have the obligatory dog bags on hand for any indiscretions.

But don't let that stop you exploring the trails and burning off those calories with your canine bud. The view really is worth the trek and it's refreshing to get another perspective of our great city.

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