Green Island and the Great Barrier Reef

Green Island and the Great Barrier Reef


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Imagine spending your time on a tropical island right off the coast of the Australian Mainland.Taking a dip in the crystal blue water as the sun gleams on your skin.And with a rainforest just metres away from your door.For those of you who imagined what it would be like, a holiday to Green Island may just be your thing.

Green Island is a 6,000-year-old coral cay located on the Great Barrier Reef in far North Queensland. It takes roughly 45 minutes to travel by boat to Green Island from Cairns.

With picturesque views of the local reefs, the ocean, the island rainforest and the Mainland, it's very easy to be in awe as you travel around the island. In fact, you can walk around the island in just 1 hour so it's not a strenuous activity.

There are various activities that you can do to see the local reefs (and the Great Barrier Reef in general). These include Scuba Diving, Snorkelling, Glass Bottom Boat Tours and Seawalking on the floor of the ocean. Helicopter flights also provide aerial views of the Great Barrier Reef.

You can also swim along Green Island's beaches. Just keep an eye out for jellyfish although they are more frequently present during the summer season. Therefore it may be best to visit the island during the winter season where you will less likely come into contact with these creatures.

The Queensland Department of National Parks, Sport and Racing (DNPRSR) also recommends that people wear a full-body lycra suit to minimise the impact of any potential jellyfish stings or sunburn. But it's probably best to also bring plenty of sunscreen to further protect yourself from the tropical sun's rays.

The Queensland DNPRSR also recommends that you avoid touching coral if you are snorkelling in the area as they can be extremely sharp and can cause cuts. So just be vigilant if you do choose to swim around the island.

For those of you who love nature, there are walking tracks on the island that weave in between the trees of the luscious island rainforest. Along the way, there are information boards detailing the history of Green Island and providing information on some of the island's inhabitants.

And speaking of wildlife, you can also explore the Marineland Melanesia Crocodile Park on the island. Meet Cassius who is one of the largest crocodiles in captivity spanning a length of 5.5 metres.

Turtles, Clownfish, Stonefish and Epaulette Sharks are some of the other creatures that you can expect to see in the park. There's also a gift shop right outside the entry into the park where you will find souvenirs and handmade coral jewellery if you wish to buy yourself a memento on the day.

Grab yourself a bite to eat at some of the various food stores and dining venues on the island. The burgers, fish and chips at the Canopy Grill are very tasty. If you need a snack during your stay on the island, swing by Lite Bites and grab yourself an ice cream or a shake to keep yourself cool in the warm weather.

Foodies will especially be delighted to learn that there is also a restaurant on the island but be prepared to know that some of the meals may be a little pricey (more so in the evening). You may also grab yourself a beer or a wine at the island bar if you feel the need.

There is also a souvenir shop located near the food stores where you may also have a look at the various keepsakes and buy a gift if you feel the need.

Boat tours take hundreds of visitors to the island and back to the Australian Mainland each day. But for those who may be interested in staying on the island overnight or for a few days, there is a resort on the island with various room suites and a resort pool. Once guests arrive on the island, they are greeted by a tour guide who will show them around the island while the staff takes your luggage to your room.

An added perk to staying at the Green Island resort is that you will also have access to a wi-fi lounge room where you can also watch television, watch a DVD or read a book. There is also a PlayStation console in the guest lounge for children to use. All suites also have their own televisions.

Entry into the resort is prohibited for day-only island guests. There are also certain parts of the island where only resort guests are permitted to go so that they can have their own privacy and their own private areas. If you are just travelling to Green Island for the day, make sure to ask your guide on the boat or visit the information desk on the island to know where you are allowed to go.

If you do choose to stay on the island, I recommend that you buy a few groceries before you board the boat to Green Island. This is because you can purchase items that may not be available at food or souvenir stores on the island. Just make sure that you leave room in your backpack or bag before you leave home to board the plane to Cairns. Also be wary of weight restrictions on luggage when you board the boat to Green Island.

Green Island is a great place to relax and unwind and it's the perfect place to go during the Winter to escape the chilly weather. There are also various fun activities that you can do to ensure that your stay is both pleasant and exciting.

A trip to Green Island is a tropical getaway that is not only welcoming but it's also an experience that will be sure to replenish you.

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