4 Things You MIght Not Expect to Find at The Grange Library

4 Things You MIght Not Expect to Find at The Grange Library


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The local council library was once a place where readers would enter empty-handed (hopeful of finding a new book to make a friend), and leave with an armful of stories waiting to be explored.

Today, as well as offering that same adventure into the world of books, the local library has even more on offer. The local library has blossomed into an active community hub beyond simply books, magazines and CDs.

The Grange Library at Evelyn Street, in the suburb of the same name, is the perfect example where books collide with a place to meet, eat and grow – both conversations, connections and plants.

Here are a couple of points of interest which I found during my visit.

1. A Community Herb and Citrus Garden.
The main thing that drew me to the library was my curiosity to take a walk through its Community Garden.

The Grange Library Growers Community Garden has a wonderful collection of rich leaved citrus trees, low growing precious flowers and a flavoursome herb garden and sits right outside the library.

The edible garden is fully fenced to protect the plants, its lawn and its frame of winding paths. There's even a welcoming garden seat to sit and find some peace and tranquillity amongst the greenery.

This community garden has regular working bees of volunteers, who meet every Thursday. I was warmly welcomed to join in and till the soil, water, fertilise, weed and mulch the beds and be a part of making the garden magic happen.

Entry to the garden is free and open to all ages.

Community gardens have been found to contribute to a healthy lifestyle by:

• providing fresh, safe, affordable herbs, fruits and vegetables
• helping to relieve stress and increase a sense of wellness
• getting people active, which improves overall physical health
• providing social opportunities that build a sense of community and belonging
• giving people an opportunity to learn and share knowledge on gardening, nature, and cooking
- enhancing the surroundings

The library keeps a seed bank from the garden and distributes these to the community. The harvest from the garden is also distributed to the library visitors free of charge.

The volunteers finish each working bee with a cup of tea and a chat.

2. Book Et Brew - The Library Cafe
The library also has an outdoor cafe where you can pick up a drink and snack. Books Et Brew is an outdoor café located on the deck of The Grange library. Fire engine red signage stands out from the curbside, luring caffeine addicts to stop for a brew.

Book Et Brew is positioned at the back entry to the library, is sheltered by a covered wooden deck and is accessible by a ramp with a hand rail.

The lightly inclined ramp helps to welcome everyone, including mums pushing strollers with little heads and hands poking out of strollers, people in wheelchairs, and those on crutches

Grab a spot at one of the outdoor table and chairs, which are stationed beside power points for plugging in your devices.

Oh, and the library has free wifi which makes it easy to work and check your devices.

3. Lanham Park
The library café overlooks the expansive Lanham Park, which has lots of lush grass and 2 sets of play equipment for the kids to climb as well as:

Barbecue (electric),
• basketball half court ,
• car park,
• picnic area/shelter, playground
• shared pathway network,
• water (bubbler/drinking fountain)

4. Community Groups
The park is also home to a range of community organisations and facilities for:

• Grange Bowls Club
• Queensland Hospital Radio Association
• Wilston Scouts
• Wilston Grange Kindergarten
• Grange Thistle soccer facility

So if the library is about creating community, then The Grange Library has many features to make these connections grow.

The Grange is located 5kms from the CBD. The library is opened 5 days a week (closed on Sundays and Mondays) and has street parking and a dedicated free car park.

So why not stop by and find more than just books at this local library.

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