Grand Hyatt Dubai Hotel

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Posted 2013-05-23 by Tammy Faceyfollow
It's called the Grand Hyatt for a reason, but it's not just grand, it's royal. No expense has been spared; every possible luxury has been installed, from the marble floor to the breath taking chandelier. There are no two ways about it; the Grand Hyatt is for the rich.

The five star hotel is on the edge of the historic creek, with Wafi City Shopping mall nearby, as well as the Dubai airport close. If you're flush enough, after a long flight, the Grand Hyatt is the perfect place to chill after a long flight.

Sometimes you feel blessed, at such periods I try to hold on to the moment and soak up the magical feeling. As I rolled into the Grand Hyatt that is the best description of how I felt: blessed. I was visiting a friend, whose parents are pretty well off, who was staying in one of the suites.

As I waited for my friend to come and get me from the lobby an Arabic woman, who looked very similar to Kim Kardashian, sailed past me with a bell boy complete with the whole Louis Vuitton luggage range. Quite literally, he was pushing along about eight bags or more, behind her.

When my friend collected me, even travelling in the elevator was an experience. She was staying on the 14th floor – there are sixteen floors in total – which is pretty high up. I felt untouchable. As mentioned, my friend was staying in one of the suites. It wasn't really a suite though; it was a palatial room that boasted a plush chaise lounge, large double bed, marble bathroom, and all the room service you could ask for, at the touch of a button.

Although my friend and I had planned an evening chilling in the hotel suite and catching up I wanted to freshen up and when she guided me to the bathroom I nearly fainted. It was huge. So huge that when I breathed a sigh of happiness at the bathroom that was all mine for half an hour, my voice echoed.

Annoyingly, however I'd forgotten my shampoo, and while I could've borrowed my friends, she has fine, blond hair. Mine, however is thick and somewhat unruly. But I needn't worry about the lack of my shampoo because a quick call to room service, and a member of staff delivered a high end shampoo for my hair type. I was very impressed. My friend also told me that the hotel will provide extra towels, pillows, and phone chargers, if you've forgotten yours.

There are four different rooms available at the Grand Hyatt. If your budget doesn't stretch as far as the Suite, you can opt for the Standard (960DHS), Grand Club, or the Deluxe. Advance booking prices start from 760 DHS. It's not the cheapest hotel, but to treat your loved one, why not go all out and see if you're as impressed with it as I was.

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