Grand Bazaar NYC

Grand Bazaar NYC


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The City's Largest and Oldest Weekly Market

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The largest indoor/outdoor market in all of New York City, Grand Bazaar NYC plays host to over a hundred vendors each Sunday offering a cornucopia of eclectic treasures for those with a taste for the unique. Sprawling across multiple floors on the Upper West Side, it's a favorite destination for half a million shoppers annually seeking original finds.

Drawing artisans from far and wide with its welcoming atmosphere, Grand Bazaar NYC prides itself on promoting talented craftspeople. From milliners wielding magic with hats to silversmiths crafting one-of-a-kind jewelry, the attention to quality and skilled detail on display is sure to impress even the most discerning eye.

Boho-chic bohemians and vintage vultures alike make the pilgrimage to scour seamlessly curated stalls at Grand Bazaar NYC, hoping to chance upon a rare collectible or hidden gem. One man's trash truly becomes another's treasure trove within the bazaar's hallowed walls.

Multicultural flair abounds at Grand Bazaar NYC, where global flavors tantalize taste buds and transport visitors to far-flung lands. Tempting treats from tangy bao to savory samosas satisfy every craving at the popular food court.

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Education is a top priority at Grand Bazaar NYC, and profits help local students learn, grow, and thrive and support area public schools serving over 2,000 children. The bazaar boosts neighborhoods and nurtures the leaders of tomorrow with its charitable mission.

Slow fashion finds a home at Grand Bazaar NYC, with ethical artisans promoting sustainability through timeless, handcrafted pieces that will stand the test of time rather than trends. Durable woven baskets and natural fibers speak to the conscience of conscious consumers.

Quirky and kitsch collide at Grand Bazaar NYC, where one booth features playful painted self-portraits putting a comical comical twist on the classic format. The bazaar is a breeding ground for both traditional treasures and unconventional curiosities.

Powdered pastels and pops of patterns pervade Grand Bazaar NYC as you explore its enchanted alleyways and discover dazzling decorators’ delights for the home. From velvety throw pillows to antique accent pieces, visions of comforting domesticity abound.

Transportation becomes transformative as you step into Grand Bazaar NYC, instantly escaping the city streets for a serene sense of serendipity in the search for hidden surprises. All cares fade away amidst the hypnotic hunt for hidden histories within each curious collection.

Entering Grand Bazaar NYC is akin to discovering an Aladdin's cave of captivating curios and captivating characters. Rich stories lie just below the surfaces of each distinctive handcraft with tales just waiting to be told to anyone with inquiring eyes and ears open to persuasion.

Grand Bazaar NYC is a bustling bohemian bric-a-brac bazaar bringing global goods to homesick expatriates and residents alike seeking a cultural contact high. International intrigue saturates each square inch in this sprawling souk with global goods galore.

Architecture admirers can gaze upon Grand Bazaar NYC and marvel at how its indoor innards integrate seamlessly with the outdoor grounds. Elevated walkways, skylights, and atriums create a cohesive, community-centric concept connecting consumers.

Nature nutters congregate at Grand Bazaar NYC not just for sustainably sourced accessories and edibles but to admire its urban oasis atmosphere. Verdant vertical gardens, flowers, and foliage flourish even within its city limits.

Gleaming gemstones, gleaming gemstones, and glittering gold entice endless browsers at Grand Bazaar NYC as lapidaries and artisans display their delicate, dazzling handiwork. Extravagant excellence resides in even the simplest of trinkets.

Potters ply their passionate practice at Grand Bazaar NYC, ensuring even utilitarian utensils become unique works of art. From teapots to tagines, vessels take vocational virtuosity to the next level.

Synesthesia sets in at Grand Bazaar NYC, where every stall stimulates the senses. Sights of shiny silverware mingle with savory scents as flavors dance upon the flavorful fairy floss of one’s fond recollections.

Grand Bazaar NYC is a weekly wonderland where any hungry holidaymaker can sample worldly wares. From steaming soups scented with sumac to flaky pastries infused with cardamom, global gustation abounds.

Grand Bazaar NYC unfurls fresh finds for furnishing the home with a free-spirited, far-flung flair. Moroccan mirrors, Tibetan textiles, and Mexican artwork magically transport residences to lands afar.

A walk through Grand Bazaar NYC is an expedition of exploration for those who crave curiosity over cookie-cutter commodities. One is never certain what unexpected exotica could emerge from around each serendipitous turn.

Creativity courses through the colorful corridors of Grand Bazaar NYC like a circulatory system, nourishing culture and community. It will leave you feeling recharged and ready to see everyday objects with renewed revelation and rediscover the magic within life’s simple pleasures.

You can learn more about the market on their website here.

100 West 77th Street, at Columbus Avenue

Every Sunday, 10 am – 5 pm (year-round)

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