GPO Bar and Cafe

GPO Bar and Cafe


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Transformed from the old General Post Office, the has lost none of its popularity after opening several years ago. Handy to The Strand Cinemas, its big city, wine bar style is unique for a restaurant in Toowoomba.

Relaxing music wafts over the dual verandas, buffered from the street by stone and hedge. Easy elegance invites you to sit back with friends in the wine bar lounges underneath white wisteria. The subdued lighting and studded lounges at the counter make you feel like a special guest even if you are only ordering takeaway.

Service is brisk and friendly, casual in the day with more polish in the evenings. Once seated, there is a 'press for service' button at the table. Prices are reasonable given the style and standard of meals and location.

The breakfast menu contains all your cooked favourites with sides like herb sausage, steak, mushrooms and lamb's fry. Other offerings include Sweet Corn Fritters and Eggs Benedict with baby spinach and choice of smoked salmon, ham or bacon.

Morning tea offers a tempting variety including orange and poppy seed cake drizzled with strawberry sauce and tall fluffy scones. The coffee is by Campos coffee beans and is made strong. Cappuccinos are light on the chocolate and are accompanied by a chocolate biscuit stick.

Lunch and dinner are Mediterranean, eg Italian and Lebanese. Lunch includes Khubz & Salad consisting of Lebanese bread with hummus, cherry tomato and spicy meatballs; Summer Pasta with fresh greens, olives and tomato and pimento sauce; and the GPO sandwich is more like a hamburger with the works on Turkish toast. Salads add things like capers, olives and feta. A side of fries or garlic bread tops up your carbs.

Dinner inventions include Scaloppini Pepperonata grilled baby veal with prosciutto, basil, semi-dried tomatoes and bocconcini cheese; and Chicken Princess grilled chicken breasts topped with prawns and mushrooms in light creamy sauce. Pretty lighting enhances the elegant urbane mood.

Recently, the was graced by celebrity chef Miguel Maestre of television program The Living Room. Daytime clientele includes the local constabulary and ambulance service as a good location for a casual meeting. Regulars are remembered by name and customers highly recommend the Eggs Bennie.[BREAK]
Fabulous cocktail and buffet nights are listed on the webpage. Feedback is welcomed by the management with any negatives promptly answered by free food. Drinks prior to meals come with free hors d'oeuvres such as spring rolls. Customers have been known to experience extra attention after the kitchen closes if celebrating, just out of the kindness of GPO's heart.

The old General Post Office began in 1880 as the Toowoomba Post Office and is now a heritage-listed building. The first postal service was by pack-horse from Brisbane to Drayton in Toowoomba. The first electric telegraph from Brisbane to Toowoomba was established in 1861. Beautiful yellow sandstone quarried locally created the Classical Revival style of architecture still gracing the now . Under the corrugated iron hipped roof and clock tower are decorative panels featuring a carved repetitive arch pattern. The clock tower still contains early joinery details.

A staircase to the second floor tenants nestles discreetly within the wine bar lounge area if you're interested in leasing an historic and beautiful space.

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