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Posted 2021-01-22 by Temafollow

After having brewed and steeped a few tea leaves across the globe, Gotcha Fresh Tea has started making their tea-riffic journey around Australia and has opened their brand new store in Adelaide at the Mawson Lakes Romeo's Foodland space.

Boasting of a stylish yet playful aesthetic, the quaint little tea cafe has been designed to marry elements of the traditional Asian tea-making routine with an elegant space to enjoy its beautiful flavours in. There's no doubt that Gotcha's newest space is one that will get you snappin' for the 'gram in no time ( case in point ). With their stunning and eye-catching feature wall, which offers a warm glow and is accentuated by faux natural touches by its base, the blush pink seating area is a gentle invitation to sit down and experience the magic and wellness of the unique teas that Gotcha has on offer.

With some tantalising summer-friendly flavours such as the Black Sugar Fresh Milk (Gotcha's signature flavour), Strawberry Macchiato, and Honeydew Milk Tea (to name a few), there's a delicious thirst quencher to suit anyone's and everyone's palate. Stepping away from the traditional bubble tea flavours, Gotcha also offers citrusy goodness such as the Kumquat Lemon Green Tea, Golden Passionfruit Green Tea, along with the Mango Jasmine Green Tea and Black Sugar Fresh Milk Brûlée. No matter what the choice, there is an impressive array of flavours of tea waiting to be decorated and poured over the sweet tapioca pearls that complete the essence of these addictive drinks.

What makes Gotcha stand out from the rest in the industry is the fact that their tea is sourced directly from their very own plantation in Mount Ali (Taiwan), so the flavour of each individual order is unapologetically a pure Gotcha quality that is truly one-of-a-kind.

When I went to visit the new store with a friend from work, it was a breezy 38 degree day in Adelaide, so the need for a refreshing cool tea was beyond real. We were offered a colourful selection of teas, all of which went down a real treat within minutes of sipping on them. The Black Sugar Fresh Milk Tea had a sweetness likening it to honey and nectar, which was further complemented by the pearls that were like little sugary kisses on the lips with each sip. The Kumquat Lemon Tea was another zesty delight, which hit the spot in quenching the thirst brought on by the scorching heat reminiscent of a traditional Aussie summer. Finally, the Honeydew Milk Tea with jellies tasted exactly like it sounds - super refreshing and silky smooth on the palate.

I didn't get a chance to snap a close-up photo of my Strawberry Macchiato , but you can see why I opted for it as my drive-home-drink - I am not only attracted to any and all edibles with a blush pink tone to them, but I love finding surprises towards the end of my drink - as I discovered the gorgeous cheese foam that had a subtle salty twist to beautifully balance the sweetness from the strawberry blend. It's a drink I would recommend to anyone who has never experienced the magic of bubble tea and/or cheese teas - break your virginity with this drink and prepare to have your mind blown.

While the newest Gotcha bar is located less than an hour out of town, I can promise you that the drive/commute is so worth it! Their teas are priced at an affordable rate, they are presented to you in super adorable tea tumblers, and those flavours are the kind that will make you want to keep returning for more over and over again. There is a level of authenticity that makes you appreciate the strong yet sophisticated infusion of tea leaves into a drink that not only looks like a work of art but treats your palate to a par-tea!

With over 20 flavours to choose from, Gotcha Fresh Tea has enough options to make you feel like you're experiencing a fruity and fresh summer all year long! Simply talk to your friendly TEArista onsite, let them know what gets your tastebuds tingling, and prepare to be dazzled with their unique style of enjoying tea in a relaxing yet social setting.

Gotcha Fresh Tea is located inside Romeo's Foodland at 9/6-12 Capital Street, Mawson Lakes SA 5095.

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