Gorman Surprise Clearance Outlet Bridge Road

Gorman Surprise Clearance Outlet Bridge Road


Posted 2023-12-08 by Nadine Cresswell-Myattfollow

Live Life in Colour!

When a friend pulled me into the Gorman Surprise shop in Swanston Street. I was surprised at all the lovely clothes in vibrant colours. They were gorgeous. Although I didn't like some of the prices.

She explained how the Gorman label has built up a cult following in Australia, with fans even trading and reselling popular garments.

Then she mentioned the Gorman Surprise Outlet Store in Bridge Road Richmond across from the Epworth Hospital. She told me there would be great prices there and so there was.

And the amazing thing was the size of the shop. You walk in and there is a spacious shop but when you walk toward the back there is an opening that leads into another room with what appears to be acres and acres of racks in a warehouse.

I was surprised by the extent and novelty of the items on sale here. Of course, there were racks upon racks of dresses, coats, skirts, jackets, trousers and tops all at good prices and also in colourful prints, and with the artist collaborations work on designs that the brand is famous for.

But nurses are spoilt here when it comes to scrubs. I hadn't realised that some nurses get to choose what scrubs they wear to work and there were many here sporting geometric shapes, floral patterns and abstract designs.

This must be fabulous for those working in children's wards to bring such brightness to what can be a sterile hospital environment.

There was an entire section with pet stuff, such as leads and dog coats, again in colourful designs.

The children's section had a lot of cute kid's clothes.

But they don't just craft funky prints for your wardrobe; they've got your living space covered too! With a lively range of plant holders, and kitchen essentials, towels and beach towels.

While things are much cheaper than in the normal stores you are also likely to arrive to find a 'take a further 20% off sign, or the sign may be on certain racks. The day I was there it was shoes!

You won't find the latest Gorman stuff, because it is the residue from the other shops. So you are likely to find a great winter coat in summer for example. But it can be an overflow of recent items as well.

For those who love vibrant, fun clothing and homewares this place is well worth checking out.

Richmond - Outlet
80-82 Bridge Road
Richmond, VIC 3121
03 9421 2297
Opening Hours:
Mon–Sat: 10am - 6pm
Sun: 11am - 5pm



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