Goals Setting & Mindful Breathing Workshop

Goals Setting & Mindful Breathing Workshop


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'Be mindful and keep growing.' The motto for Thursday Green Yoga's Goals Setting & Mindful Breathing workshop transcends a thoughtfully-planned and aspirational New Year. As Melburnians start 2019 with a bright and bubbly summer, it's a time of year that matches good intentions with newly energised momentum. This is where Thursday Green Yoga graciously steps in with its .

Thursday Green Yoga was founded by Stacey Gradovich, a certified yoga and meditation instructor, reiki practitioner, workshop facilitator and Russian expat who now calls Melbourne home. Stacey instils these skills, together with her background in ballet and performing arts, in workshops held at various spiritually 'safe' spaces around Melbourne. Workshop participants can thus truly be themselves while being mindful and present. The name Thursday Green Yoga stems from Stacey's love of the colour green, the colour of the heart chakra, and her favourite 'me time' day of the week.

Being mindful and present are two crucial elements for leading a fulfilling life. It's how people then carry out their life that accentuates fulfilment. The assists participants achieve this by combining goal-setting with mindful, controlled breathing techniques, or pranayama. In Sanskrit, pranayama basically translates to breath control and is a foundational skill in any yoga practice. Stacey has found a way to bridge this skill into people's yearlong planning. Today, the is held in the warm and colourful Brunswick East studio The Collective Yoga Massage Myotherapy . A gorgeously painted mandala creates the backdrop, while a string of dulcet songs adds to the ambience.

The workshop starts with participants sitting in a circle on comfy bolsters, partaking in a simple breathing exercise before sharing 'one good thing' that happened to them earlier in the morning. Next, it was time to share what each participant would like to achieve by the end of the two-and-a-half hour workshop. Simple techniques such as these broke the ice, and formed a safe conversational space to share experiences and goals. Participants are a mix of people from those who knew each other to complete strangers. Stacey has a friendly and kind-hearted ability to lead the group through her structured session. These attributes are the key to the overall success of this workshop.

The allows participants time, space and inner connectedness needed for in-depth analysis and reflection. Participants are given a chance to reflect on the previous year, and how lessons learned can direct them to reach their potential via forward-planning. Participants reveal a range of insights into their personal lives; touching on topics such health, decluttering possessions, career, family connections and relationships.

What these insights reveal is one simple overhanging theme – people want to gain control over their lives, where possible, and be able to achieve meaningful goals in all facets of their lives. Throughout the workshop, the group works through their individual experiences and aspirations while mapping out lessons learned. By 'rating' areas of their lives, they then see what they want to achieve in 2019 with a refined clarity. Each step of the workshop, using worksheets supplied by Thursday Green Yoga, gives permission to participants to share ideas, relate to others' experiences, reflect on those lessons and re-discover the true value of 'me time'.

Regular breaks are offered during the workshop, including breathing exercises and an energising snack break. These breaks seem timely, especially when working through particularly challenging aspects of self-reflection. There is much to ponder, both during the workshop and after. Much of the group works through the workshop with a gradual, renewed sense of direction for the year ahead. Discoveries are made and realisations are actualised, all with laughter, relatedness and comradery within the group.

There's also an opportunity to map out the 'ideal week'. Stacey leads participants to design what an ideal week would look like for them. Routines and habits are established so participants feel a genuine sense that the goals they've mapped out for themselves are achievable. Stacey is also kind and generous in offering some quick one-on-one time to participants who may need extra help in the workshop.

Through Thursday Green Yoga's social media channels, Stacey advocates for daily routines and their importance in one's life. These are the essential building blocks that encourage participants to stay mindful and forward-moving. Making time for tasks and (sometimes) elusive 'me time' is compulsory when attempting to connect to and achieve goals for the year and beyond. The tools crafted and advocated by Stacey in the are relatable and actionable. Participants leave with the confidence needed to embark on their newly mapped New Year's journey.
The was held at The Collective Yoga Massage Myotherapy , 494 Lygon Street, Brunswick East 3057. Unlimited street parking is available on Lygon Street on Sundays.

Thursday Green Yoga's next workshop is Routines and Habits Workshop on Sunday, February 3 from 12 noon to 3.00pm at The Collective Yoga Massage Myotherapy.

To learn more about Thursday Green Yoga and all upcoming workshop events, visit the Facebook and Instagram pages. Thursday Green Yoga can also be contacted via Messenger .

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