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is a Go Kart Centre located in Cheltenham. Close by to Southland Shopping Centre, the beach, as well as the Moorabbin Business Distinct, many will find it an accessible and fun afternoon or evening out.

As those who have spent some time karting will tell you, each centre or track will highlight something about the venue to make it seem unique, and a particular draw. By no means is this a bad thing, but rather its just useful to know when - even if for fun - you're picking a centre for a day out.

For , the draw cards are two things. First, it claims to have the longest track in Melbourne. Second, that the venue is amongst the cleanest. More on this later.

Concerning the kart, track and prices, they are as follows.

The karts are European, and alongside being zippy, they also have protective barriers - think bull bars - surrounding the vehicles. While this weights them down a little, and true the pro's do not use them, this protects both driver and kart for those new to karting.

The track itself is spacious, wide, and with a good number of turns. Like most indoor karting centres the long flowing sections come on the outer sections, with the short and snaking corners inside. While most would think this a given (should be said no less) the track does have safety barriers around it. Accordingly, while certainly hitting a barrier front on - and you'd have to try really hard to do it - would likely not feel good, so too need a racer not be worried too much if they make a wrong turn. In general, any impacts are barely noticeable and you're back racing within a few seconds.

While GKSR caters to an array of groups and options - such as corporate gatherings, parties etc. etc. - most who visit will be there to use the 'arrive and drive' pricing: $45.00 for 15 laps, $55.00 for 20 laps, $70.00 for 30 laps and $85.00 for 40 laps. Beyond this, some discounts apply for a second session e.g 15 laps for $35 as opposed to $45. Alongside this, there is a membership fee of either a one-off visit for $10 or yearly for $50.

In turn, there are added benefits to being a yearly member, such as lap times being recorded and stored to compare next time round. Further, another notable inclusion of the venue is the upstairs (licensed) bar and entertainment area. This allows those not karting to sit in view of the track and cheer on racers. It is with this feature it is appropriate to return to the first two points made about the centre: that it has the longest track, and is clean.

Overall, GKSR is a good, fun, venue to visit that won't be too surprising or unfamiliar. This informs the experience of the venue, for while the track and accompaniments are well set up and appointed, this is not quite the 'gritty' or 'authentic' home of the next generation of Formula One stars.

It should be noted, this is not intended to take away from the experience - or what you'll get out of it - rather, just that in the world of motor racing an oil spot on the floor or some spare tyres lying around are not an unwelcome sight. In this vein, for the pursuits or racers who feel themselves semi-pro, it's true they may feel happier down the road at Le Mans Karts in Dandenong or Act Karts in Sunshine. However, if you're keen, close by, and yet to try an indoor go kart track then is not a bad pick.

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