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Posted 2017-03-15 by Elly Gracefollow

Yes, I just invented a word - and no I am not ashamed of it! Garage strumping is one of the best things you can do on the weekend. Or, ever. It all depends on what you call fun.

Either way, it's something you need to do at least once in your life.

I don't know about you, but I absolutely love nosing around in someone else's belongings. Just for clarification, I am not a kleptomaniac. At least, I think so anyway.

Everyone loves a good bargain, and a chance to filter through vintage clothes, deliciously worn leather books, and old antiques. It's a very hard opportunity to pass up!

Okat, so what exactly is garage strumping? (I'm sure you've already guessed what it is, but I'm just going to play dumb and pretend you haven't, since it gives me a reason to obnoxiously write more)

Garage strumping, is the careful process of getting in your car, driving down the road, and spying out garage sales. Then, you get out of your car, and look for neat stuff! It is best that you carefully adhere to this process, or else you might end up in the McDonald's drive-through buying a chocolate thick-shake and a double quarter pounder. Happens to me every time darn it...

Ok so basically I am just telling you it's a good idea to go to garage sales this weekend. But let's be honest here, the word "strumping" makes it sound like so much fun!

Here are some reasons you'd want to look through people's stuff, LEGALLY... We hope:

1. You might find an awesome banjo tucked away behind a stack of Freddie Mercury records.

2. Garage Sales sometimes, on occasion, involve canine and feline mascots to boost sales - at least I think that's why the dogs and cats are there... It's a conspiracy.

3. Books! Garage sales, for the most part, always involve hidden literary treasures waiting to be unearthed and devoured by a hungry reader. You wouldn't let a poor wee book starve of attention, right?

4. You often find awesome clothes - unless of course, you're not into vintage flannel shirts, and scruffy leather jackets. You'll probably hate it if that's the case.

5. I like it, so you have to as well - that's how life works isn't it?

Ok... Enough kidding around.

Taking a gander at garage sales is legitimately a fun thing to do. You get to wander around for the day and meet new people, and you also get to grab a deal here or there.

The best things to do during the weekend in my opinion, are usually free or involve the local community - and garage sales are as local as it can get!

Go on. See what you can find, and see what sort of friends you can make. You never know, you might hear a great story or two, and you might have one of the best weekends of your life.

Often than not, the best moments in life can usually be found in the most peculiar of places, at the oddest of times.

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