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Posted 2023-11-15 by Roy Chambersfollow
Gluten Free 4 U is a wholesale and retail chain business selling not only gluten free products but also a range of low allergy products. They have opened a business in Chermside near the corner of Gympie Road and Norman Drive, much to the delight of Brisbane northside people with a range of special dietary needs. From day one they have attracted a crowd.

Lloyd & team of Gluten Free 4 U in Chermside

About Gluten Free 4 U

Opening at the height of the interest in gluten free products by experienced bakers, Gluten Free 4 U was originally focused on gluten free products. They quickly added in a range of other products for people with a variety of dietary needs. They have nut free, dairy free, egg free, soy free, yeast free and fructose friendly. They have opened shops all around the country, as well as food trucks that you might find at markets or other venues, and, as seen by the store opening in Chermside, they keep expanding.

Gluten Free 4 U in Chermside

What's the deal with gluten

Gluten is a structural protein that occurs naturally in a number of cereal grains, but especially in wheat. It can make up to 75% of the protein found in bread, and it is what gives bread its wonderful texture. The gluten is released through kneading, though interestingly enough, when making scones or muffins, the trick is to not knead it too much, or you get too much free gluten and it changes the texture of those products, and not for the better. Gluten is widely used in the food industry, including as an additive to some breads to increase their gluten content, in imitation meats, and in Chinese hot pot restaurants, you can order gluten balls to go into the pot.

But people have a range of sensitivities to gluten and there is a lot of myths about who this affects. On one hand, the health food industry, famous for just making total BS up, says gluten is bad for everyone, while at the height of the gluten free trend, there were Internet randos claiming gluten only affects people with celiac disease. The truth is, as it often is, somewhere in the middle.

To put it simply, celiac disease affects up to 2% of the population, so a sizeable number of people, and mostly affects the intestinal tract, Many people with this condition suffered years of ill health without being aware of the issue, and so a diagnosis and dietary changes to go gluten free have helped many people.

There are however multiple other types of sensitivities to gluten, including gluten allergies, intolerance, and other conditions that can cause neurological issues for sufferers if they ingest gluten. So the myth that gluten only impacts on people with one condition and in one way is one of the worst myths.

In other words, taking gluten out of your diet could have a positive impact on your health. Though for a while, lots of people were giving up gluten for no particular reason. If you suspect you have some form of gluten sensitivity, you should talk to a doctor who can give you tests. After all, some people have other related issues, such as a wheat allergy, so it is better to find out for sure.

The food at Gluten Free 4 U

Gluten Free 4 U's goal is to create gluten free or allergy friendly foods that are not only good for people who have special dietary needs but also taste really good as well. Of course, taste is a matter of preference and the results can be mixed.

pastries & muffins at Gluten Free 4 U

One of their most popular products is their vanilla slice. Given how hard it is these days to find a good vanilla slice, this a good reason for anyone to go to Gluten Free 4 U. Also check out their other slices and their muffins. Remember, even when making muffins with high gluten wheat, the goal is to mix the flour gently to avoid releasing the gluten, so obviously, a gluten version works well too.

One of the most popular products at Gluten Free 4 U is the French Vanilla Slice

I haven't tried their croissants, but when comparing them between the photos on their webpage and what they sell in-store, they don't look that good. Without the gluten it is just hard to get them to fluff up properly. Be aware that while some things are Gluten Free 4 U are going to be as good as, or even better than, the ones that contain gluten, this won't apply to everything,

Some baked goods are harder to make without gluten, like croissants

But there is a lot more you can try. Take a look at the frozen food section and you will see things like ravioli, dumpling and sausage rolls that you buy and cook at home. They have a wide range of products that mean you are not missing out on what you used to eat before going gluten free, and when catering for friends or family who need to be gluten free or have allergies, these can be easy options.

Gluten free cooking is easy with a range of dishes from the frozen foods section at Gluten Free 4 U

They also have hot pies, pasties and sausage rolls for sale as well. So there are some great ready to eat hot items there already. Though I know, for a lot of people looking for snacks, it will be the donuts instead.

[IMAGE1166528 Donut worry (see what I did there), I am sure you will find something at Gluten Free 4 U that you like]

So this review comes a bit late for Halloween, or because of the staying power of things on the Internet, maybe you are reading this just in time for a future Halloween, they also have a wide range of candies, chocolates and sweets. Being gluten free doesn't mean you have to be healthy. Especially if Christmas is around the corner you might want to check out their Christmas, foods which will make handling the needs of catering to people with diverse dietary needs much easier.

Sweets & chocolates at Gluten Free 4 U


When talking about a business on Gympie Road, one big question that comes up is always parking. But actually it is not too bad, as there is short term parking on Gympie Road itself in front of the shop and around the corner on Wallace Street. On weekends you are likely to find parking on Norman Drive as well, but on weekdays lots of people park there so that they can take the bus from the Westfield into the city, so there is no parking available much of the time.


Gluten Free 4 U works as your local bakery, whether you want to gluten free or allergy friendly products, or just want something delicious. Though of course, people who do need products that meet their needs and are sick of the poor quality ones from the supermarkets are going to visit every week, or if not, even more often.

Gluten Free 4 U is already attracted a crowd

Address: 2/724 Gympie Rd, Chermside, QLD 4032
Phone: 07 3543 0231
Opening hours: Tue - Thu 9 am to 4 pm, Fri - Sat 9 am to 3:30 pm, Sun-Mon closed

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