Glenelg Foreshore Playspace

Glenelg Foreshore Playspace


Posted 2016-01-25 by Jenny Priorfollow
'Where nature and man-made collide, children can have a wild ride'. This is my quick summary of the sandy, wet, spinning, climbing, sliding oasis of fun at .

This playground is so new that the trees are the same height as the kids and there is no sign to announce its presence. There are also no gates or fences so come on in. The sheer joy of sand in the toes, cool water to paddle through, logs to climb and balance along, will keep every child anchored in this space more surely than any fence.

Designed by WAX Design and opened on Friday the 15th December 2015, the City of Holdfast Bay's aspirations for play, open space, and recreation are richly evident. Here, children can play, socialise and connect to their coastal environment. Glenelg Foreshore Playground is designed as an accessible playspace with most equipment appropriate for a wide span of abilities.

All different challenges, from controlling the flow of water to climbing a rock wall to pushing your friends around on the merry-go-round, make this an ideal location for families and friends to spend time having fun together.

Climb ropes, balance on swaying bridges, choose your course across logs, bounce on ground-level trampolines. Squirt your friends with a surprise fountain under the shade of the palm tree. Clamber up the chained slope and race down the wide slide. Play hide and seek in the stony holes in the ground or the dark tunnel under the slide.

Catch your breath on the hammock if you are lucky and it is vacant.

Littlies love the shallow creek with levers for damming the water and simple smiley mosaics of sea creatures.

Add a beat to the play and drum up a musical storm.

Salty Dog will take care of your belongings. Careful that big tongue doesn't give you a lick when you are not watching.

The merry-go-round has moved into the 21st century with the ease of stepping on at ground level and underground hidden spinning mechanisms. The constant crowd was a testimony to the popularity of the step-on merry-go-round. Even I could not resist having a spin. What will beckon your inner child?

All other photographs by JA Rossiter.

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