Gisborne Botanic Gardens

Gisborne Botanic Gardens


Posted 2012-05-03 by Huy Lefollow

A lot of my friends are keen to travel the world and take in new sights, meet new people and experience something different. I, unfortunately, lack the funds to embark on such escapades. But I like to believe it makes more sense to check out what Victoria has to offer first, before I go to another country.

Gisborne is one of those suburbs I might hear in passing, but I would have absolutely no clue as to where it actually is. Having travelled to Lerderderg State Park not too long ago, I figured I may as well check out what the region has to offer. It is located approximately 45 minutes from where I live, though it took a little longer thanks to my great navigational skills. Then again, getting lost sometimes is part of the fun (though I'm sure many will disagree with that).

The is located on the main road upon entering the town. However, until I was driving home, I did not notice the park was divided into two sections on the very same road. My friend and I spent our time on the side across the shops (Sankey & Gardiner Reserve) but next time we'd like to venture out and see the other side just behind the shops.

I'm an avid lover of autumn and there's nothing more beautiful to me than seeing a park filled with trees full of leaves in vivid hues of green and gold. There's a little river that runs along the park and you know what that means - bridges! Can't get enough of them, Simon and Garfunkel would be so proud.

As we continued exploring the park, we found this massive tree with a tyre swing on it. It was like something straight out an American film set in 1960s suburbia. Now I feel like watching My Girl. Anyway it looks awesome, though sitting on it is an entirely different matter. I would warn you to be careful as the tyre is jagged and could be quite painful to sit upon.

But what a good park (to me) always needs is a pathway with trees on each side overarching, till they reach the middle. Carlton Gardens is a great example, and although this may be miniature in comparison, it still looked quite lovely. Cue in the cliché wedding photograph (which I love).

is definitely a place I would recommend anyone to check out. With the standard facilities such as playgrounds for kids, park benches for family gatherings and bridges, it's a place I would definitely want to have a picnic at in the near future.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Next destination: Lake Daylesford.

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