Ginger Flower and Food Festival 2020 - FREE Entry

Ginger Flower and Food Festival 2020 - FREE Entry


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Fri 17 Jan 2020 - Sun 19 Jan 2020

Join the iconic Ginger Factory for three ginger-tastic days of food, flowers and entertainment, celebrating the 24th year of the Ginger Flower and Food Festival.

Once again in 2020, the Ginger Factory will explode with colours and flavours, displaying a sensational variety of ornamental gingers and heliconias, all of which thrive in the Sunshine Coast's sub-tropical climate.

The Ginger Flower and Food Festival will be jam-packed with a thrilling line-up of Sunshine Coast chefs including local favourite, Matt Golinski. Look out for some new additions, Lisa Maher from Makepeace Island and Dylan Campbell, resident mixologist from Sum Yung Guys. They will be showcasing all that is fresh to the Sunshine Coast and how specific ingredients match perfectly with ginger.

So what exactly is happening?

The Kitchen

Look on as some of the Sunshine Coast's most creative chefs create magic with ginger-inspired dishes, sharing tips that will certainly inspire your menu for your next dinner guests. A variety of talented chefs and mixologists, including Kelly Lord from Spirit House , Dylan Campbell from Sum Yung Guys and Matt Golinski will share their kitchen 'magic' know-hows with Ginger Flower and Food Festival visitors.

The Gardens

The garden gazebo at the Ginger Flower and Food Festival is the location to head to, for gardening tips and advice. 2020's line-up of gardening specialists is guaranteed to wow all keen gardeners.

The Nursery

This is one of my most favourite spots to head for. The Nursery boasts more than three thousand exquisite ornamental gingers and heliconias and … they're all for sale! Over the three days of the Ginger Flower and Food Festival from 9.00am to 5.00pm every day, visitors to The Nursery can get expert advice on suitable plant choices for potting and planting. Make sure you bring an empty car boot for all those lovely plants you're planning on taking home.

The Arts

In 2020 Ginger Flower and Food Festival visitors will find a fabulous installation made totally from recycled materials by creator Sophy Blake called 'To Bee or Not to Bee'. Sophy will also be holding bee making workshops, where participants can create their very own take-home piece of art.

The Ginger Factory's very own resident artist, Sharon Wood, will be creating a live art installation, drawing her inspiration from the lush tropical gardens and their fabulous displays of flowers and greenery at The Ginger Factory. This should be awesome to witness!

The Dining

To make sure visitors don't get too hungry, the Ginger Cafe will have a variety of tasty, healthy and gingery fresh food options to choose from.

With the sweltering weather we've been experiencing on the Sunshine Coast, a homemade ginger ice cream from the Ice Creamery will definitely not go amiss, whilst walking around the Ginger Flower and Food Festival. The Ice Creamery also offer quick grab and go lunch options, perfect for those on the run.

Look out for the Taco Truck, offering fast and healthy ginger and beef tacos to go. The Iced Tea Bar will ensure everyone stays hydrated with their awesome choice of Tea Tonic's flavoured teas.

Meet the Makers

Between 10.00am and 4.00pm daily, visitors to the Ginger Flower and Food Festival, will have the opportunity to meet the makers and taste-test a delicious assortment of products, showcased by local food producers.

The Shops

Of course, one cannot go to The Ginger Factory without doing a round of the quaint and quirky stores offering totally unique shopping experiences. Look out for Kokopod , the brand new addition to The Ginger Factory , offering 'to die for' homemade chocolates. I guarantee visitors won't go home empty-handed.

The Entertainment

Fun entertainment at the Ginger Flower and Food Festival includes the mystical Woodland Nymph, who will happily take you on a stroll through the Ginger Factory rainforest. And, of course, everybody's all-time favourite, Dame Edna Average, will be wandering around the festival, so be sure to stop her with a 'hello possum'!

The FREE all-weather 2020 Ginger Flower and Food Festival should be at the top of all foodie and garden enthusiast's 'to-do' lists - it's a fabulous opportunity to share in all that is local to the Sunshine Coast.

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