Gift Shop @ Four Seasons Nursery

Gift Shop @ Four Seasons Nursery


Posted 2013-01-30 by Ninifollow

As the child of a horticulturist who has managed nurseries and who runs his own horticultural business, I've seen more than my fair share of nurseries and the greenery that flourishes there. What I was less exposed to, was glorious gift shops accompanying the many unpronounceable plants proliferating throughout the nurseries we would regularly visit. I know I would of had a much more enjoyable time as a child if I'd had trinkets and treasures to gaze upon as I scurried around a gift shop while my father talked about giant Yucca's and strappy leaved Lomandra's.

I've obviously grown up a bit since back then, now enjoying browsing through the vast arrays of beautiful flowers and flourishing foliage, but I must say, I was not disappointed to finally visit a nursery that also had a vast array of gift shop goodies to occupy my time.

Four Seasons Nursery and Garden Centre has more than enough to offer as it is, with water feature displays, large and little pots of all sorts, plants to satisfy every need and helpful staff to get you on your way. But if you have an occasion when a pot plant alone won't cut it, then Four Seasons Gifts and Homewares has got a grand range of items to browse through.


What you'll notice first is the great space that the shop provides to display all the pretty products. Much of it is presented in a way that makes it super easy to deck out a space. A lot of the wares are colour blocked or set out in a variety of themes, so you can easily see what decorative items will go with each other and which ones will match the tones in your rooms at home. Some of the little treasures for the indoors are ceramic ornaments, vases, intricately designed lanterns and lamps, photo frames, Real Touch artificial flowers and a great selection of candles.

Surely you can have too many scented candles at some point, but I have yet to reach that threshold. The range of brands and scent combinations of the candles available are unique and delightful. One of my favourites is Nashi Pear and Cucumber, unsurprisingly my choice is food oriented. Wood Wick, a soy wax scented candle I hadn't encountered before, has unique scents as well as another interesting feature. As the name would suggest, it has a natural wood wick which creates the sound of a crackling fire as it burns; what a way to set the mood. My favourite aroma of that variety was Pumpkin Butter, again, purely because it takes my mind to a relaxing destination related to eating sweet treats.

Some of the larger feature pieces come in the form of wall art, wood work, uniquely designed canvas room dividers with prints of cherry blossoms, Paris or the New York skyline to name a few and for the outdoor living space, casual as well as elegant outdoor settings.


For something just for the ladies, there is a lovely range of MOR cosmetic and body products. I got a Lychee Flower body butter and it is so lusciously smooth and smells good enough to bathe in. There's gift packs available too, with something to suit everyone. All the products are packaged beautifully, which always catches the eye, not to mention the brand is against animal testing which I always greatly appreciate.

All in all, there is an abundance of goodies to share with others or to take home to decorate a living space to enjoy for yourself. Your indoor and outdoor design flair can get a helping hand at Gifts and Homewares.& #8232 ;

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