Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire - Film Review

Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire - Film Review


Posted 2024-04-12 by Sarah Corkfollow
Who Ya Gonna Call?

They're back! The ghosts are back in town and there is only one team who can stop them. Well, now there are two teams. The Ghostbusters from the classic movies are back and if you liked the original movies or even the newer ones, you're going to want to catch this new Ghostbusters movie. It's still in cinemas at the moment, but as always, the streaming services will pick it up soon. If you do like the big screen experience, you will enjoy at your local movie theatres.

You may have seen Ghostbusters: Afterlife recently, where this sets up the new Ghostbusters franchise. The Spengler family, who are all descendants of the one and only Egon Spengler are taking on the family business. The brilliant Phoebe, (McKenna Grace) her brother (Finn Wolfhard) and their parents are taking on the ghosts with the help of the original team.

This time, there is a bigger than ever threat to the world. And for small children, the new big baddie is going to be a bit scary. With the discovery of an ancient artefact, it's going to unleash an evil upon the world and it will end the world completely. The world will end in ice and a frozen wasteland, unless the Ghostbusters can do something to stop it.

The young and the old team up to save the world, and it hasn't lost any of the magic. With a new lab, to store more ghosts than ever before, there is a bigger world of Ghosthunting that we have never seen before. The movie is fun, exciting and a lot better than Ghostbusters: Afterlife. Where Afterlife takes some time to warm up, especially since most people were simply waiting for the original team to appear, this time there is no time to waste.

From the very beginning, it's action-packed and good fun. McKenna Grace is fantastic, and Paul Rudd is a bit underused. He is his usual funny, charming self but he could have had many more action scenes. The brilliant British comedian James Acaster has joined the team as a Ghostbuster and he steals every scene he is in. Kumail Nanjiani has also joined the cast as the Fire Lord, and his discovery of his powers is brilliant. Patton Oswald is another scene stealer, though he isn't in it much. Everyone is on fire in this movie, despite the frozen wasteland!

Hopefully, this is setting up the franchise for the third film, as they are really hitting their stride in these movies. The original two films are obviously the best, but you can't go wrong with a Ghostbuster movie. Not even the animated series or the "girls' version", which is so much better than reviews would have you believe. This is another good movie, with nothing bad to be said about it. Although, without Sigourney Weaver, it isn't perfect.

But if you want a good ghost story, with fun, adventure and some real spooky scenes, then you're going to want to check out the latest Ghostbusters instalment in the cinemas for the best experience. And remember, if there is something strange in the neighbourhood, who ya gonna call?

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