Top 4 Places to Visit with a Baby

Top 4 Places to Visit with a Baby


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[SECTION]Getting Out and About with a Baby[/SECTION]

Being a new mum is hard - sleepless nights, an endless stream of dirty nappies, feeding, spending an hour putting little ones down to sleep only for them to wake 20 minutes later and ready to eat again. So you can be excused if you feel that it is hard just to get out of the house.

For those days when you decide that pajamas are not day wear, Brisbane has an extensive array of activities and things to do for new mums to motivate you to get into the shower and out of the house.

[SECTION]Parks & Playgrounds[/SECTION]

Even if your little ones are too little to run and jump and play, it is sometimes wonderful and relaxing just to sit in a park . The babies will love looking at the trees or lying in the grass and just being close to nature is wonderfully calming for both you and your babe. If you have a park close by with a playground, you'll also have the opportunity to meet other mums with kids of the same and different ages - handy if you want to share frustrations or pick up tips. Plus, if you are able to walk to the park, you may have the added bonuses of exercise for you and baby falling asleep in the pram.

[SECTION]Go to the Movies[/SECTION]

You may have thought your movie-viewing was restricted to late night re-runs of B-grade movies whilst doing the midnight feeds, but in fact many cinemas run sessions for mums and babies. These are usually held on a particular day of the week and are the first session of the day, around 10 or 11am. Typically, movies shown are within their first few weeks of release. Dendy Portside hold their 'Reel Bubs' sessions on Thursday Mornings, while BCC cinemas' 'Babes in Arms' are often on Wednesdays.
The lights are left on dimly so you can attend to the needs of your little ones and the sound is lowered slightly so that big noises don't scare the smaller audience members. See the Dendy or Birch Carroll and Coyle websites for more details.

[SECTION]Exercise classes[/SECTION]

Brisbane City Council run several series of exercise classes, many specifically aimed at mums to participate in with their babies at local parks in all areas of Brisbane through the Council's Active Parks program. EasHawthorne based Belinda Denver at Mums-ercise is a wonderful example - mum to a toddler, fitness guru and sympathetic (but firm) to every new mum's battle to juggle baby with enough 'me' time to exercise to look and feel good.

Brisbane City Council has a list of parks and exercise classes, which are mostly free and run in 6 weeks blocks. They cater for all fitness levels (or lack thereof) and are divided into low and high impact classes depending on how old yoiur little one is. You need to wait until at least 6 weeks (and often more) before starting a class, but the instructors can let you know an ideal time and structure a workout for you.

[SECTION]Visit the Library[/SECTION]

Many Brisbane libraries offer a session of Babies, books and rhymes, with a separate sessions of storytime or songs and dancing for toddlers. These sessions are often movement related with lots of singing and it is amazing how well a baby can sleep after doing some gentle movement. Check the Brisbane City Council website for details.

These are unique things that you can often only do before they turn into toddlers who walk and talk and want to go places to their liking. So while your baby is young, get out there and enjoy all Brisbane has to offer babies and their mums. As a new, or not so new mum, what actvities did you find to get you out of the house?

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