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Finding a decent sushi place in Hong Kong is easy, they are everywhere. 'Food court sushi' is not a 'thing' in Hong Kong and it should remain as a nightmare for sushi lovers everywhere. is a chain sushi restaurant; expect a standard sushi bar and 'sushi train' (a term popularised by myself, referring to a cafe with the same name), i.e. sushi on a conveyor belt with some chefs in the middle for you to spy on.

The real attraction of over its closest competitor is its casual, slightly but not too crowded (read good), fun and relaxed atmosphere. You are also liberated tea wise, hot water taps are provided in front of each customer so you do not have to tediously wait for the waiter. The menu consists of normal and handrolled sushi (the proper Japanese terms always escape me, forgive me for using these crude English terms), as well as a selection of fried dishes and an udon or two. The menu is frequently updated with seasonal items or random foci, e.g. they once hosted a prawn focus where there were a few different types of prawns to choose from for your sushi.

If you are a novice to sushi, start off with safe dishes like egg or prawn sushi, which has been cooked. However you will hopefully soon realise you've let so many opportunities pass you by and just go and satisfy that curiosity - I don't care what type of fish it is, it looks good and I'm going to eat it! (my personal mantra). For those who are intolerant to spice, rest assured, adding wasabi is at the discretion of the customer.

Here are some dishes:

Great sushi.

Japanese steamed egg custard - more suited to savoury than sweet. I'm not convinced Japanese steamed egg custard is that nice compared to Chinese steamed egg custard, or it could be just doesn't make it well. I'm currently still undecided on the issue.

Prawn head and melon miso soup - I'm still convinced miso is not for me, it makes it a tad too salty while everything else was ok.

Japanese pork cutlet DIY sushi roll. Crunchy goodness where you can have all the fun of making sushi without any of the mess or preparation. The plastic cover allows you to roll it out, and then rip a certain part so the prepackaged rice and seaweed now touch the cutlet. Then roll it up and presto! Your handrolled sushi is complete, and you disn't even have to get your hands dirty.

** Experience Summary:

Service - 3.5 stars. Service is friendly but prone to forget orders due to the crowd.

Atmosphere - 5 stars. Relaxed, friendly, and casual with a nice, simple interior. It's so popular it has its own queuing app and queuing machines in store. Much happier than 's closest competitor.

Food - 4.5 stars. A nice variety in the menu but they generally don't bring back special menu items even if they are very popular.

Uniqueness factor - A casual, relaxed sushi chain restaurant. The DIY pork cutlet sushi handroll is a personal favourite.**

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