Geelong Collectables Fair 2014

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Posted 2014-10-23 by Catherine Van Bergenfollow

Fri 24 Oct 2014 - Sat 25 Oct 2014

In the world of collecting things, there are no rules. It seems you can collect just about anything, if you set your mind to it. This can range from the fairly typical (trading cards and stamps), to the more exotic and unusual (navel fluff and tubes of toothpaste). Your collection is generally unique to you, and while others may have similar items, or you may covet pieces that others have, it is extremely rare that someone else will have exactly the same collection as you- piece for piece, with no variations. That's why it can be such a treat to attend events like Collectables Fairs, where you can admire other people's like collections, and make contacts for future swaps and sales.

If you have a particular interest in old bottles, glassware, jars, pottery, old metal, antiques and other collectable items, then the biennial Geelong Collectables Fair, to be held in the Agricultural Hall at the Geelong Showgrounds could be the place for you. Members of the Geelong Bottle & Collectables Club will set up on Friday 24 October, holding an auction amongst themselves of valuable bottles and collectables. With a 50-lot limit and a $20 minimum lot value, members of the club are sure to find a bargain and add to their personal collections. The following day, Saturday 25 October, sees the showgrounds opened to the public, so that non-members have the chance to view these unique collectables. Many of the pieces are quite valuable (both historically and monetarily, and it can be rare for regular community members to see displays such as this outside of a collectables forum.

For those who are interested in adding to or starting a collection of their own, there will be a range of items for sale on the Saturday. Entry is $5, and the cost will be well-worth it if you are able to acquire that prized piece for your own collection.

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