Gather & Graze 4053

Gather & Graze 4053


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A Cafe Tucked Away in the Suburbia of Brisbane

The Group Hiking South East Qld and More organises hikes, walks and activities to make like-minded people come together and share the experience. After hiking or walking, the group meets in a local pub or cafe to have refreshments and express thoughts and where the members can continue the process of getting to know each other.

After walking in Bunyaville Reserve, we went to have coffee and refreshments at Gather & Graze 4053 in the suburb of Everton Hills, north west of Brisbane.

Gather & Graze 4053 is located at the end of a row of businesses between Chinook Street and Old Northern Road in Everton Hills. The carpark is shared between the different shops.

When we arrived, the café was busy, but we managed to get a table inside and add some extra chairs. We were given the menus and when we were ready, the young waitress took our orders. She made sure to get the orders right, with all the variations and each of us got great customer service.

After the walk in Bunyaville Reserve, we began to relax and settle in the pleasant atmosphere of the café. The premises have a large entrance and the walls have windows with white frames and blinds. Many of the tables were occupied by couples, families and groups of friends. Everyone was having a good time and savouring the food.

The orders are taken at the table. The menu is easy to read and it is well written.

The business puts lots of effort into keeping the menu regularly updated and curated. The ingredients are fresh and local and only the best ones are used to prepare the dishes. Dietary options are available, including vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and dairy-free. Ingredients can be substituted if available to adjust the dishes according to the diets.

We did not have to wait long for our drinks and the food that we ordered. Drinks arrived first, coffees and teas, and then the different foods.

All the dishes on the menu are available all day. There are foods suitable for breakfast, brunch and lunch. Eggs Benny are served with pork belly, poached eggs, sourdough, Hollandaise sauce, mustard fruits and celeriac remoulade. Marinated cauliflower steak is served with beetroot hummus, avocado, rocket, salsa verde and confit tomatoes. The nourished pt bowl includes celeriac remoulade, avocado, broccolini, Brussel sprouts, black rice, quinoa, pickled radish and a different variety of meats can be added, like bacon, pork belly, grilled chicken or fried calamari.

There are also food items in the cabinet, including sandwiches, cakes, slices and granola yoghurt.

The menu contemplates a great variety of hot and cold drinks, shakes, frappes and smoothies. It is possible to choose amongst alternative milk, including lactose-free, soy, almond and oat. The café also serves wine and spirits, to complete the experience.

Gather & Graze 4053 is relatively new on the scene of cafes. It is family-owned and operated, with a focus on delivering wholesome food. Jen is the leader, bringing more than fifteen years of experience in hospitality and together with Maree, the café has the mission to give customers a positive experience, great food and service.

Fresh Danish, croissants and biscuits are available, and some of the bakery products are made on the premises.

Gather & Graze 4053 is a café for the community, where people come together to enjoy fresh food and sit down and where families and friends can catch up over a cup of coffee and great food. The café offers also takeaway, to suit the modern different styles of living.

The indoor area has many tables and chairs, a dedicated space for kids and there are tables and chairs in the outdoor area. Facilities are inside the premises.

Gather & Graze 4053 encourages both walks in and booking, especially for groups of over six people. Furry friends are welcome, but the patrons can only have the tables outside. Highchairs are available since this is a family-friendly business.

Gather & Graze can help you with your next function, tailoring packages suitable for your occasions.

Gather & Graze 4053 is suitable for families, children, groups and also for couples who are looking for a romantic moment.

Top Highlights.

Discover a cafe in the suburb of Brisbane near Bunyaville Reserve where groups are welcome, the atmosphere is pleasant and the food is prepared using fresh, seasonal and local ingredients.


Gather & Graze 4053 is at 2 Chinook St, Everton Hills QLD 4053.

Business Hours.

Sunday 6am–2pm
Monday 5:30am–2pm
Tuesday 5:30am–2pm
Wednesday 5:30am–2pm
Thursday 5:30am–2pm
Friday 5:30am–2pm
Saturday 6am–2pm


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