Gateway Bridge Walk

Gateway Bridge Walk


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Freaked out at all the social media postings telling you how to wash your hands, disappointed at the next cancellation that has landed in your inbox and going a little bit stir crazy from staring at four walls?

Head out to the Gateway Bridge. Yes I know, not the most obvious and perhaps desirable destination but a bit of a revelation as we discovered at the weekend. Head to Murrarie and park along Metroplex Avenue or in the side streets or at the parking for Brewdog. More about that later.
Take the path down to the river and check out the pontoon.

Enjoy the amazing view that this offers not only of the river both sides of the bridge but also of the sheer scale and construction of this engineering marvel. The pylons are gigantic, the dimensions are awe-inspiring and the shade it creates is welcoming. A bit of an odd place for a walk I hear you say. But Aussies are good at creating these lovely unexpected surprises.

This is largely an industrial area and if you are really adventurous you can take a path that takes you past major industrial parks. But if you follow the bike path you will notice that this has been carefully planted with native plants and has lovely grassy verges for people to lay out their picnic blankets and the mangroves which take up part of the walk are home to birds and sea life. Follow the path by the river until it turns inwards and upwards to a small viewing platform - turn back to enjoy views of the mouth of the Brisbane River, big birds flying overhead as of course we are quite close to the airport, the City Cats parked for the night or on their day off and views of Hamilton on the other side with sailing boats moored in the river.

The Gateway Bridge was opened in 1986 by none other than the Duke of Edinburgh. The duplicate bridge was opened in 2010. They are both massive concrete structures designed to last hundreds of years and are quite impressive when viewed from below. At its highest point, the bridge is as high as a 20 storey building.

Having explored the history and the path it is time to make your way back to where you have parked, along the same path and there in front of you is an enormous building with interesting artwork on the front. Yes, this is BREWDOG a new and trendy craft beer factory and outlet.

Brewdog has been open since November 2019 and it seems to have been wholly embraced by Brisbanites. There were families playing games, babes in arms, and many pets and everyone was enjoying one of the craft beers that Brewdog prides itself for. The factory is the other half of the building behind the restaurant as you walk in.

Brewdog is Scottish in origin and a well-known enterprise abroad. It has the trademark booths, lots of board games and giant Jenga and arcade machines within the premises. It has a large deck with views of the river where you can sit and enjoy some of the very tasty craft beers on offer.

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The walk is a few kilometres and very easy with gentle inclines. But that is not an excuse not to stop off and have a cool brew.

Enjoy this unexpected new walk and venue.

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