Garry Starr - Greece Lightening @ So Soiree - Review

Garry Starr - Greece Lightening @ So Soiree - Review


Posted 2022-10-15 by Jenfollow

Sat 15 Oct 2022

Fair warning, So Soiree is for the roaming revellers, the creatures of the night, ones with open minds, the darlings of art, the social butterflies. Don't miss the last week of this fun and engaging festival that'll have you laughing, blushing and flushed with euphoria from an excellent night out. Check the program for the remaining shows. Just an hour of show time each, you could grab 2 or 3 shows on the night and for the 50 mins to an hour between shows, frequent all Greville Street, Prahran has to offer in the way of bars and restaurants. You could also simply slip out the back of the cosy entertainment tent with its fabulous chandelier and head for the bar and get yourself a drink and a delicious grazing platter.

Garry Starr Greece Lightning was a sold out show at Grattan Gardens on Greville Street with the Friday night revellers filling the tent to the rafters. He has only one more show left on Saturday 15 October 2022 at 8pm so get your tickets at Melbourne Fringe. Do note - there is full frontal nudity, frequent coarse language of course, and Garry Starr in motion is a lot taller, funnier, and handsomer than you imagined in real life.

I'd say half the tent was filled with Starr Fans who had returned to bask in his fabulousness. There's not a moment where he's not entertaining or tickling your funny bone. His magic is in involving the whole audience in his antics and sitting in the front row, I was happy to be given a ZAP fan and a pressurised spray can of H2O. It's the first time I've been brave enough to accept the challenge and got involved in spraying jets of water at his face, in his mouth, over his head and all over his body. Don't ask. You had to be there to get involved in meat pack throwing, cutting the umbilical cord with giant scissors and holding up the mirror if you dared.

Garry hits the stage with his tall frame, curly hair, ruff around his neck, and lightning bolt nipples. He is here to work hard at performing all of Greek mythology in less than 60 mins to encourage you to visit his Hellenic homeland and save it from ergonomic procession. Embodying mythical gods and goddesses from Atlas to Zeus, Garry fills the hour with a witty retelling of the tale, cleverly strung together. There's slapstick, ridiculous moments, costume changes, nudity, and song, at a dizzying pace. Like a whirlwind he picks up the audience in his tornado of energy and comedy wrapped up in his gleeful essence. Such a positive essence, it seems the audience is happy to accommodate his every command. Everyone needs to experience Garry Starr.

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