9 Games For Little Kids

9 Games For Little Kids


Posted 2013-04-21 by Serenafollow
Here's a list of games (some that you probably already know) which are ideal for young kids to play at birthday parties. These games are also suitable for older kids but are easiest for littlies to learn.

Game 1: Corners
A simple game, there is a player in the middle and everyone else. The player in the middle shuts their eyes and counts to 10, all the other players must run to one of the four corners of the room. After the middle player has counted to 10 they will spin in a circle (keeping their eyes shut) and point to a corner and that corner (or the nearest one to where they are pointing) has all their players become 'out'. Once you are limited to 4 players or less, the corner that is chosen is the winning corner and whoever is in that corner is the winner.

Game 2: Musical Statues
A very straightforward game, when the music is playing everyone dances, but as soon as the music stops everyone has to freeze. Whoever doesn't freeze is out!

Game 3: Musical Bobs
Same as musical statues but easier for younger kids, when the music stops they must bob to the floor. It's also easier to see who is last to the floor and thus out.

Game 4: Musical Chairs
Ok, I'm sure you all know how this one goes, you need music and chairs. Skip, dance and walk around the chairs and when the music stops sit on a chair. There's a chair for all but one player and whomever doesn't get a chair is out.

Game 5: Duck Duck Goose
Good for little kids, although strangely enough lots of fun for older kids, people seem to forget how fun it is to race their friends. Gameplay is well known, all kids sit in a circle and one person walks around saying "duck" whilst patting everyone's head until the player walking around goes "goose" and the player picked must get up and chase the other around the circle. If the player who has been walking around sits down in the 'goose's spot then the 'goose' is in, but if the person walking around is caught then they remain where they are and start again.

Game 6: Hide-and-Seek
Where one person is the seeker and counts to 20. All the other players must hide and when the seeker has counted to 20 they go and find everybody. Once a player has been found they can help in finding the other players.

Game 7: Sardines
Similar to Hide-and-Seek, where one player must hide and all other players close their eyes and count to 20. Once all players have counted to 20 they must go and find the hidden player. Once the hidden player is found, the person who found them must hide with them. This goes for every other player who has found them, until they are all squashed together. The last person to find everyone is the new hider.

Game 8: Shark
An outside game, Shark is played by having two people who are 'it' and when they tip someone they link hands with that person making a chain, when someone on either end of the chain tips someone, that person then links hands and becomes part of the chain themselves. It's pretty entertaining as people can find it hard to manouver in one long line, as well as making one big barrier to stop people from running past.

Game 9: Tip
Another famous outdoor game where one person is 'it' and chases others and whoever gets tagged becomes 'it'.

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