Game of Thrones - TV Series Review

Game of Thrones - TV Series Review


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Everyone once in a while you stumble across a TV series that really captures your imagination and leaves you anticipating the next episode for the entire week. The TV series, Game of Thrones does exactly that.

Game of Thrones is based off the series of books known as 'A Song of Ice and Fire.

You follow various important characters and their stories in what essentially revolves around numerous high profile people and their bid for the Iron Throne. It is ideal for any lovers of medieval fantasy as it is filled with dragons, monsters, knights and castles and everything in between.

Perhaps the most remarkable aspect of the TV series Game of Thrones is the character attachment that you feel after just a few episodes. You find yourself willing the success or failure of certain people which immerses you in the epic story that unfolds. Despite one or two characters who grind your gears (notably because of the way they are portrayed, not for their acting) the casting has been done to a high standard, with some big names such as Sean Bean playing the key characters from the books.

It could be said that Game of Thrones is not for the feint hearted, with repeated graphic scenes of violence, strong language as well as nudity. This is not to say that it goes over the top, and could be said to be mild in comparison to the likes of Spartacus. That said, all of these adult themes lend themselves to the story and perhaps it could be said that without them you would lose a lot of the feeling captured within the series.

The story itself brings in familiar aspects from well known writing such as Lord of the Rings. George R.R Martin (the author of A Song of Ice and Fire) has brought together his own made up world, and a vast list of characters tremendously, and this is really reflected in the TV Series.

In all, I highly recommend watching Game of Thrones, with two seasons out and the third one in the works there is no better time to start. The immersion you get whilst watching is beyond comparison for most of the TV series out there.

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