Future Finders - An Exhibition by Monash Engineers

Future Finders - An Exhibition by Monash Engineers


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Thu 24 Nov 2016 - Thu 08 Dec 2016

Future Finders is an exhibition of creative thinking and problem solving undertaken by young engineering students from Monash University. Not seen as Gen Y or Z, they are part of Gen S, also known as the solution generation.

Eight problems were selected from a range of problems sent in by the public to be solved by these young, up and coming and enthusiastic engineers. The solutions to these common problems can now be found as part of a small exhibition in the NKN Gallery in the Sofitel Building, Collins Street, Melbourne.

So what were some of these problems? How to create prosthetic hands at a low cost, particularly for growing children or people who cannot afford the high cost of these? How to design and construct buildings which blend the creativity of architecture with the mathematical precision of engineering and provide flexible building solutions for the future? How to help the bee population conserve their energy for honey making? These problems and others are showcased through the prototypes built by chemical, electrical, civil and other types of engineers and make for a fascinating insight into common problems and their solutions,

Monash engineering students are on hand to take you through the exhibits and provide more explanation and insight into these interesting projects. Most of the projects are low-tech which indicates a real possibility these could be used in communities where money is scarce, such as in a number of developing countries. It's refreshing to see student projects such as these and to talk to the students about their passion for engineering and their future plans.

Entry to the exhibition is free and it is open Monday to Friday 10-4pm. The exhibition continues until December 8. On Thursday evening, December 1st, 2016, a special panel discussion on Women in Engineering will be held from 6-8pm. You can register for the discussion here .

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