Funderwood Hollow

Funderwood Hollow


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is Australia's largest theatrical kids playground located south-east of Brisbane City in the small suburb of Priestdale Queensland (Logan City Council). The park itself has been designed and recommended for children who are between five and sixteen years of age. There are two nicely built kids play castles in the theme of the "Peter Pan" era, which has a connecting wooden bridge, climbing wall, rope bridge and wave bridge. There are some parts of the play equipment that provide a challenge for some children, however, the playground assists children to strengthen their coordination and balance. This unique Peter Pan Castle is located in the middle of the park surrounded by lush green trees, flying fox, pedal-powered coaster / monorail, shaded playground more suitable for children under five years of age and nature play section with tunnels, tree trunks and rope climbs.

I have two boys who are four and five years old and they absolutely loved their time at . The biggest attractions for my two was the flying fox, Peter Pan Castles, Pedal Coasters and Monorails. They played for hours taking turns with other children in the park. What makes this park easy for parents with active children is that the park is surrounded by fences that separate the car park and the playground. Yes, there is a convenient car park no huge walks it's located right beside the park. When we arrived there was an ice cream truck that was set up in the car park (I am unsure whether the ice cream truck is there every weekend). The other brilliant factor about this great spot is that it has a nature play area where kids can climb tree stumps, cement tunnels and rope climb. Right beside the nature play area is a fenced Dog off Leash Area, where you can take your family dog for a run and play. Dogs must be on leash in the kids' play area.

At the back of this park is a shared walking - bike path which connects the park to the main streets of Priestdale. The paths connected to the Mountain Bike Park at the back of . Which is known to Mountain Bikers of all ages? The Mountain Bike Park has a pump track, trails and BMX track. We managed to take my Mountain Bike and hooked the kids' trailer up and took my two boys for a bike ride around the park to explore the surrounding area. On our bike ride, we came across the "Peace Garden" which had a mysterious twisting path that led to the centre, where a huge crystal rose quartz lay. The technical term for this path is called a Labyrinth. The path encourages us to quiet our minds, dispose of shedding thoughts and distractions from life. We stopped, had a look, however patience from two boys was not on the agenda, so we kept riding around the parklands.

If you have children of all ages this park is great for a free family day out where younger kids can play at and older kids can take their bikes, explore the bike track, BMX tracks or Mountain Bike trails. Pack a picnic lunch like we did or utilise the BBQs. I would suggest getting there early to grab a shaded gazebo area, however, if you have your own gazebo or shade tent I would recommend in taking in case the park is heavily populated (you can purchase these at Kmart, BCF or Big W). The park was really busy when we visited, however, didn't pose a problem and certainly didn't feel overcrowded.

I would highly recommend at Underwood Park, Priestdale as a free family day out and something to do for the whole family.

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