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Posted 2012-01-29 by Justine Crowleyfollow

I was fortunate to have been invited to the recent Fun, Food and Friendship monthly drinks night held at the Tuscan Bar on the evening before Australia Day. This drinks night had an amazing turnout of around 150 people of all different age groups and backgrounds. This free monthly event is normally held on the last Thursday of any given calendar month. The first drink for members is free and additional drinks and meals are available for purchase.

Fun, Food and Friendship is one great social club that has been in operation in Melbourne for over eight years, and the events and activities on offer are truly testament to this great track record.

The youngest member is 24 years of age, while the oldest member at Fun, Food and Friendship is aged 50 plus. Some of the members I met on the night have either just re-located to Melbourne from another city, and other members have lived in Melbourne for quite some time. Some of the members have only just joined Fun, Food and Friendship; while there are other members who have been members from six weeks to six years who attended the recent monthly drinks night.

Some of the events are included in your membership fee in becoming a Fun, Food and Friendship member while there are other events that require payment at a discounted rate. The events on offer in addition to the monthly drinks nights include trivia nights, cycling, kayaking, ghost tours, abseiling, and comedy nights to only name a few.

The girls will get an opportunity to attend an image workshop with a fully qualified stylist for free as part of their membership in February. Some of the events are run in the city while other events are run around Melbourne.

You may have heard that saying that "you have to kiss a few frogs in order to kiss a prince" when it comes to relationships; and yet this analogy is true with some of Fun, Food and Friendships' current members who have had disappointing experiences with other social clubs in the past. Some of Fun, Food and Friendships' current members used to attend a social club that set them up on a speed dating like experience once a month with people who are usually much older than them. They had to pay their annual membership fee and also pay for the dinners without any follow up from the company afterwards. Or they were involved in corporate social clubs that require payment and get barely any benefits back for joining.

These are the frogs when it comes to social clubs. However: Fun, Food and Friendship to these current members is now a prince. The members I interacted with at the January drinks night strongly felt that they literally hit the social club and leisure jackpot the moment they signed up to Fun, Food and Friendship, and have never looked back. And it was also great to hear about the experiences of the recent events some of the members attended; such as the recent bushwalking activity that was a real hit with many different age groups.

The members of Fun, Food and Friendship are grateful to receive timely reminders and follow up post-event support where feedback and comments are encouraged; you are not just left out in the lurch.

The energy in the room was electric at the Fun, Food and Friendship January drinks night. The feedback some of the members provided me about their experiences of being a social club member was really authentic. I knew their true feelings were coming from the heart. Nothing fake here. People were naturally just having a great time at the Tuscan Bar.

Joining Fun, Food & Friendship is great:

%%To make new friends and meet new people.
If you feel that you are not getting any value from any of the other social clubs you are a part of.
If you feel that you are not getting any value out of your work social club membership.
To enjoy your precious time off and lifestyle more - the people at Fun, Food and Friendship appreciate that everyone is busy these days, and that your valuable leisure time counts in working in with family and other lifestyle commitments.
To improve the quality of your life and happiness.
To compliment your current leisure and lifestyle plans and activities;
To attend many fun events at a discount and with likeminded, positive people.
To score a free drink once a month.
Increase your self confidence/for personal development.
To get outside of your comfort zone and take some risks;
To enjoy some of Melbourne's top leisure and lifestyle events from comedy to kayaking for free or at a discounted price;
To enjoy discounts for the things you normally buy; and
To enter competitions to win great prizes.%%

Through the above, allow this extra self confidence to spread out into other areas of your life which may also include your career. That extra boost to your self confidence would make your business more profitable, and you might just as well end up scoring that much wanted promotion and/or pay rise in your job.

The longer you are a member of Fun, Food and Friendship; the cheaper your next membership becomes via a loyalty discount scheme. Members are rewarded with an 11% discount off the fee for each six months of continual membership, up to a maximum of a 55% discount. So for those who have been a Member of Fun, Food & Friendship for 2.5 consecutive years or more receive a 55% loyalty discount and only pay $67.50 a year ongoing. There is also a referral scheme where members can qualify for free memberships.

The motto of Fun, Food and Friendship is "fast forwarding fun to you" so hence the relevance of the fast forward symbol in their logo. So what are you waiting for? Head to the Fun, Food and Friendship website and accelerate your fun and leisure pursuits by clicking here , and really make this year a really happy new year, and beyond. There is also a great 'leap' year membership available if you join by the end of February 2012.

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