Fun and Games at Home

Fun and Games at Home


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Want to find a way to connect with your family? Want to make it fun and not seem like punishment to your teens? How about having a weekly games night?

It can be fun to sit around playing a game of your choice, listening to the laughter, groans, squeals, and mirth that can be brought on by such a night.

No matter what age you are, whether you have a family or not, it is an inexpensive night in and you can invite your friends.

There are games for all ages including the very young. The game of Sorry, a Canadian game, was played when my kids were quite young and periodically we will still play it, just for laughs, even though they are in their 20's. Numerous games will challenge your kids, make them think, and they get to hang out with everyone in the family.

Games fall into many categories, chance, strategy, mystery, word games.

If you want to take over the world, RISK is about world domination and conquest. You build your armies, take over countries one at a time until you are the last person standing. This is a great game to play with your teens. It takes a couple of hours so settle in and may the best conqueror win.

You could have RISK weekends with your friends. Each game can take hours to play only to start another right away, conquest in the offing.

Cluedo is another strategy game but involves a bit of mystery, best played with older kids. Your mission is to discover who dunnit, with what, in which room.

Conquest games won't appeal to everyone,but have no fear,there are several others.

Word games like Scrabble helps build vocabulary. Slang Teasers is a game similar to Balder Dash. The person to start opens the book to any page, picks a word, reads it aloud. Then everyone writes it down coming up with their own meaning, except for the first person who writes down the meaning and correct definition. The papers are collected and read out loud, where laughter ensues. Everyone votes for the definition they believe to be the correct answer.

Board games abound of all types, games you draw, games that don't allow you to say certain words out loud while still trying to convey meaning. The list goes on and on.

Card games handed down from generation to generation can be taught to your kids when they are young. It helps them learn numbers, counting, playing and cooperating in group.

Don't have any of these lying around the house? Head out to Presents of Mind in Paddington or Mind Games in the Myer Centre in the CBD. You can also find games in the toy section of any department store.

Why not stay in on Thursday evening, round up the family and enjoy each other's company while you take over the world, find out who dunnit, or try to guess what each other is talking about?

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