Fuego Carnal - Adelaide Fringe 2017

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Posted 2017-03-13 by Temafollow

Fri 17 Feb 2017 - Sun 19 Mar 2017

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There's a reason why this show has been one of the hottest and most-talked about shows of the Adelaide Fringe this season. From a customised tent that can withstand rain, hail, fire, and ice to an impeccable team of performers from all over the world who bring to the stage their own unique set of skills that are dangerous and daring (to say the least), Fuego Carnal is redefining what Adelaide Fringe aims to celebrate.

The show may only go on for 50 minutes, but I can guarantee you that you will be itching for more. Throughout the show, I couldn't help my jaws from dropping (repeatedly). Just when you've seen the best of the best, someone else jumps on stage and decides to take your breathlessness to the next level. There are moments where you'll feel your heart race for all the right reasons. Each performer demonstrates an incredible state of ability, agility, and stamina.

After achieving tremendous success at Adelaide Fringe 2016, the team of 7 international stunt performers is back and it only seems that they have exceeded our expectations by delivering a truly memorable performance. Whether you're seated in the front row or back in the bleachers, the heat will be felt in all parts of this magnificent tent.

Themes of acrobatics, sword swallowing (Missa Blue), ice skating (Kasia Florzuk), hula hooping (Crystal Stacey), fire twirling (husband-wife duo and creators Sophie & Jacob McGrath), fire breathing (Stevo Extremo), and playing fiery tunes through bagpipes (The Bad Piper) make this show as versatile and contemporary as possible. While some of these skills overlap between the different performers, they each leave an impressionable mark at the end of their acts.

Dream State Entertainment has done an exceptional job in creating a crew that provides its audience with high-risk spectacles that leave you in awe and disbelief. Fuego Carnal is what pyrotechnics is all about. Right from the start to the end, you cannot take your eyes off the stage and are constantly wowed at countless moments throughout the show.

Creators Jacob and Sophie possess a flair that gives us serious relationship goals, in addition to generally wanting to achieve a similar level of awesomeness through their solo and joint collaborative acts of fire twirling, creating explosive fire sparks with a whip, and bringing down the house with an eclectic encore with the rest of the crew. Synchronised choreography, coupled with dangerous props and dramatic music is the ultimate formula that makes this show truly appealing to the audience in large masses.

There's 7 more chances for you to watch Fuego Carnal in all its glory. Performing at the Empyrean tent in Gluttony as part of Adelaide Fringe, you can book your tickets here - this is the show that cannot be missed!

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