Fringe Wives Club: Glittery Clittery - Review

Fringe Wives Club: Glittery Clittery - Review


Posted 2019-02-26 by Temafollow

Tue 26 Feb 2019 - Sun 03 Mar 2019

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Date attended: 19/02/2019

True to their name, The Fringe Wives Club members Victoria Falconer, Tessa Waters, and Rowena Hutson form the explosion of glitter and color that is Glittery Clittery. Creating a safe space for gals, guys and everyone in between, audiences were treated to a show that was not only entertaining but also had an educational twist to it.

Opening the floor to outline experiences that are faced by women on a daily basis - from inequality to pay gaps to sexual assaults in broad daylight - The Fringe Wives are able to kickstart conversations that are still being seen as 'taboo' and have a great deal of stigma and scepticism around something that is very real and very prominent, even in today's society. Through the art of singing, the three glittery women chant some of the most powerful lyrics in a fun and electric manner that makes you want to join in and dance the night away to them serenading you all night. It's the kind of disco party that celebrates the modern woman in ways that look beyond the 'just the tits' overview and instead, channel focus on the sh*t they put up with, every single day when existing in society.

Think you know the female anatomy like the back of your hand? The Fringe Wives will be putting that knowledge to the test and who knows, you may even be treated to a furry version of it to really understand how it all works down there! You'll be thrown with shocking yet interesting topics around female anatomy, how it was recognised for its full potential less than 25 years ago, and how it has a level of complexity and intensity than you could ever imagine!

The trio are just as talented solo as they are as a team. You can see the sisterhood blossom beautifully, as the three beautiful and vivacious chickas take us on a journey through their show, which has an abundance of dazzle, sparkle, and sequin-filled goodness. With everyone being given a taste of the fun, frivolous, and fierce ladies, the audience didn't take long to get rambunctious at the delivery of their performance, which was incredibly raw, honest, and oh so relatable. There is enough sass, class, and apple ass to go around the room, in a bid to inspire and fundamentally change the way people view the modern woman and how it's so awesome to look past her appearance alone and actually appreciate them for their achievements, their skills, and their ability to run the world like the queens that they are.

The Fringe Wives from Glittery Clittery are energetic beyond belief. They are able to wow audiences with their killer vocals, They have a theatrical presence that is refreshing and inspiring. They have a great friendship on and off stage. They have put together a show that is not only mesmerizing but discusses some important topics in a safe space. They are extravagant AF. The show is nothing short of glittery and glamorous and you can rest be assured, you will learn a lot of interesting trivia around the history of female anatomy, feminism, and why it's so important to have this continuous movement to see some kind of change in the way women are treated in society today.

If there's anything to go by, the couple of guys starting a wave for an imminent standing ovation for the trio on stage, this is a show that is worthy of being a movement towards revolutionising the face and messages around feminism.

The Fringe Wives Club: Glittery Clittery will be playing at the Garden of Unearthly Delights till March 3, as part of Adelaide Fringe. Book your tix here .

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