Frenchmans Bay

Frenchmans Bay


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is located directly opposite Port Botany Container Terminal, which may not seem like the ideal place to relax, but the actual beach and surrounding areas are a pleasant surprise.

The beach is spacious and clean with beautiful white sand and is protected so there are no waves, making it great for swimming and snorkelling. Children will love watching the container ships come in and out of Botany Bay and planes taking off from the airport. There are also two museums worth visiting.

Parking is unrestricted in local streets and if you are travelling by Bus, take the 391, 393 or 394 route.

Close to the beach are grassy areas with one free electric BBQ and a small playground. You will also find tables and toilets nearby and some trees which provide shade.

Walk across the road and you will find several take away shops and cafes, so no need to bring snacks or lunch.

If you are interested in history of the area, you will find great maps, antique scientific instruments and relics recovered from the wrecks of La Perouse's frigates Boussole and Astrolabe in the La Perouse Museum and Visitor Centre. The museum is open Wednesday – Sunday from 10am – 4pm.

On Sundays you can also visit Bare Island, which is just a short walk from the museum. Bare Island features a fort which was built in 1885 when the Crimean war made Sydneysiders feel vulnerable to the threat of Russian invation. For a small fee you can take a tour of the island. For more information call 02 9247 5033.

There are two other beaches just over the headland from – Congwong Bay Beach and Little Congwong Beach. Both are part of the botany Bay National Park and are surrounded by bushland. There are no facilities at the beaches and are less busy and even desserted.

If you enjoy diving, and particularly near Bare Island offers great diving conditions. Plenty of sea life including wobbegongs, kingfish and rays as well as flatheads, red indianfish and seaspiders can be seen along the edge. Seadragons are common and also squid and small cuttlefish.

has something to offer everyone. So if you haven't visited there before, add it to your shortlist of weekend or holiday trips. You won't be disappointed.

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