French Patisserie, Kingscliff Foreshore

French Patisserie, Kingscliff Foreshore


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There is a little village outside of Kingscliff, Salt Village, on the ocean foreshore of the east coast of Australia with a hidden gem. A stunning French Patisserie is serving breakfast, lunch, and delectable treats all-day long. It is surrounded by local and lux accommodation if you want to stay. I certainly did.

I tend to not be a sweets eater but the French pastries were just too tempting. I got there about 11 am being in holiday mode and I was very lucky anything was left. The barista said, "You should have seen it this morning, packed". This stands testament to how yummy the treats were, and the coffee was smooth and delish. I could not decide but portions are bite-size, so I could taste a few different treats including a chocolate eclair, cheesecake, and lemon meringue. Everything was divine but I have had my sugar fix for the rest of the trip.

Now get this. The prices were amazing. I got all that plus a stunning coffee for only 15 dollars. And even the eggs benedict was cheaper than I have seen anywhere in a long time. Tomorrow I will be opting for the all-day breakfast, either an eggs benedict croissant or smashed avo tartine, or mushrooms sauteed with truffles. I think I need to take friends, so we can taste test.

I love all-day breakfast. Restaurants that say the breakfast grill is closed when it has to stay hot all-day to cook lunch, seems lazy to me. Food is already in the fridge, plates are hot, and anything can be cooked any time of the day!

I loved the decor of the place as well with bright, practical black and white woven chairs that seemed easy to clean and will endure the high people traffic it must always get. I heard it is loved by locals and tourists alike and is a regular stop for hotel staff at breaks. Saw a few there myself.

From there, you are going to want to stroll down to the foreshore and along the stunning beach. If you want to have a swim, lifesavers are on duty.

I remember those days. I use to be a swim instructor and lifesaver always wanting to help kids become used to and safe in the water. It was a calling for me, along with photojournalism. So make sure you swim between the flags as there are rips and some big waves. Make sure you wait 30 minutes after eating to let your food digest.

Even if you are just driving the A1 and need a mental break, this little Salt Village is a must-stop to refuel your soul. It has a minimart to stock up on snacks for travelling, the Salt Pub for lunch and lovely clothing shops.

I would say the only thing that was disappointing was they have let the trees grow up and you can no longer see the water from the accommodation or Salt Restaurant. Several locals complained about this. "It was lovely till the trees grew". Poor town planning I would say. Who wants to no longer see the ocean from their special spot?

So take a needed arrive alive break at this lovely place, walk the beach and enjoy a special treat at this wonderful shop.

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