Fremantle Summer Night Markets

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Posted 2023-09-17 by Sarah Corkfollow

Thu 07 Dec 2023 - Thu 28 Dec 2023

Shop and Support Local

Christmas is coming fast, and things are going to get hectic. Plus, in summer, the days are longer and hotter and you just have so much to do. And yet there still is never enough time to do what you have to do. Instead of panicking and buying Lynx packs and bath bombs on Christmas Eve, why not buy some artisanal soaps and bath bombs for more money from a marketplace where a local business will love you for it? That's right, head to the Fremantle Summer Night Markets to get yourself a bargain and a great gift for everyone.

Thanks to Clancy's Fish Pub and the Freo Farmers Markets, there will be so much to shop for in December in Princess May Park. There will be a new nature play installation at Clancy's Fish Pub, which will let the kids blow off some steam on the warm summer nights. And if they want to, there will be plenty of fairies for the kids to meet too. The fairies will be dancing through the playground and entertaining kids of all ages.

For the grown-ups, you can buy all sorts of gifts for Christmas. There will be art, crafts, gifts and more to look through. Each vendor will be there to tell you all about how they do what they do as well. This is great to let you make an ethical decision, and make sure the things you buy are all made responsibly, if that is important to you.

You will be supporting real people, with families to take care of, not just a big corporation that won't care about you.

Then you can get yourself some food too. There are lots of artisan food vendors, that you can either eat there to treat yourself or take home for later. And if there isn't food at the market that you like, you can always go to Clancy's, which has guaranteed great food and good drinks too. Dance along to the DJs too, and make a night for it. It's fun for the whole family.

If you want to go to the market, then that is free. It's obviously going to cost money to buy things, but you can look around for free and even let the kids play at the playground for free too. But if you intend to buy things, the markets will be on every Thursday night in December. The markets open at 5pm and will be finished by 9pm, where the fairies go home and the parents go to Clancy's!

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