Free Tickets for Fans

Free Tickets for Fans


Posted 2013-05-18 by Ghost Town Huntersfollow
While in Hollywood, one of the must sees I read up about was to be part of a live studio audience.

The hostel we stayed at on occasion had free tickets to certain shows and some were a queue on the day situation. I really wanted to experience this plus we only had three days in Hollywood so the idea of standing for a ticket for a few hours and then getting turned away seemed a complete waste of time to me.

After looking at website after website and coming up with not much, I stumbled across .
This site seemed a bit more reliable than other sites I had come across and gave me the option of putting in my dates rather than looking down a long list to find a show that was shooting in New York - not helpful.

To my excitement one of my options was Russell Brand's Brand X, which I'd seen on TV a couple of times. Being a Brand fan, I was over the moon that at the opportunity of being part of a show that I actually wanted to see, rather than just the sake of seeing one.

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I signed up, requested tickets and a week later I got an email saying that they noticed I'd requested Russell Brand tickets before and to either request or re-request with a certain code. Then boom, my tickets where available and ready to print, just like that. A couple of days before the show I was emailed saying that my tickets had been upgraded to priority seating, so I printed my new tickets and off we went.

The studio was quite hard to find but the ticket had the address on it so we were able to call a cab which he took us to with ease. We arrived half hour before we were meant to and there was already a large queue, even the priority queue was pretty big. But even though we waited in line about another half hour - 45 minutes it was nice to know we had a guaranteed seat.

Tickets were taken, bags were checked and we entered the studio. Russell Brand was amazing and the whole experience was very surreal.

So if you are planning a trip to Hollywood, I am another person who is going to say definitely be part of a live studio audience. But don't just wait until you get there - I strongly recommend you spend the time finding out what's on during the days you are there and request tickets to save valuable exploring time.

One other thing I'll say; it says on tickets that cameras are strictly forbidden, however when we got in the studio, an announcement confirmed we could take photographs as longs as it was quiet and discreet with no flash. Thankfully my phone was able to capture a couple for proof we were really there!

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